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    Gold plated hadacol bottle???

    I've done some more research today on the markings and "apparently" the 1/10 - 10k GF means a minimum of 10% of the weight of the item is 10k gold. "Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass . Gold-filled items are 50 to...
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    Gold plated hadacol bottle???

    all i know is it is gold fill or gold plating of some kind. 10k. I'm assuming it is laid on over brass or something like that. wish I had more proof of its story, but all I have is my mom's word and the paper she wrote following her interview with him for a speech class at USL.
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    Gold plated hadacol bottle???

    and the last pic - view of bottom 1/10 - 10k GF
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    Gold plated hadacol bottle???

    okay here's some decent pics of the bottle and box. hope this helps you guys help me in finding a value or someone who can value it!
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    Gold plated hadacol bottle???

    As far as provenance goes, she has the paper she ended up writing about her interview with him, but that's it. I can't upload a pic right now because I only have an iPad until I get home, but I will post pics this afternoon when I get back to my house. It's very cool and extremely detailed...
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    Gold plated hadacol bottle???

    Mom has a little gold plated hadacol bottle with the original embossed box. Was a personal gift from the brother of Dudley Leblanc. In very nice condition. You can read the ingredients and everything on it. She's retired now and going through all of her stuff and asked me whether she should...

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