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  1. J

    Happy B-Day Rick and caldigs!!

    Happy birthday, SickRick and Caldigs! ~Jim
  2. J

    Dug a good pit in Philadelphia in the rain Sunday

    Congratulations, Chris and Tom! That was a truly exceptional dig, and you guys have earned it. Great stuff. ~Jim
  3. J

    Happy Birthday JOETHECROW!!!

    Happy birthday, Joe!
  4. J

    Looking For Some Opinions

    It would be nice to save that house if it's feasible to do so. A few years ago (before I bought it), my house was in a similar condition. The guy I bought it from did a lot of work- roof, plumbing, electrical, new front porch, new kitchen.... I know he put over $30K into it, and I don't think he...
  5. J

    Got my own truck

    Nice truck, John. An SLT with nice seats and power goodies. It looks like it has been well cared for. Mine is the base ST- crank windows, manual locks and the clunky plastic door panels. Easy to clean, though- It's a work truck [:)] Your fuel mileage average should get a bit better once you...
  6. J

    Small homestead trash pit.

    That's a nice little flask. I have one that I dug from a pit here a few years ago. Just today, I was going through some boxes of bottles that have been packed up since I bought this house last fall and "found" it for the second time. Then, I get on here and see that Tom just found one, how cool...
  7. J

    Got my own truck

    Mine is a 2011. This month makes two years I've had it, and I plan to keep it for at least another 20 [;)] ~Jim
  8. J

    Got my own truck

    Nice looking truck, John. It looks like the same color as mine, which is Bright Silver Metallic. I also had a lot of specific things that I wanted- Regular cab, long bed 2500 diesel 4x4 with a manual transmission and transfer case. I got all of that, plus the folding mirrors and cab clearance...
  9. J

    2 Philly bottles.. which one is worth more?

    Some people like those foamy screw-capped things. To me, they're throwaways, a modern, machine-made turd. The McKinney, while common, is an attractive old soda with character and class. I happen to own two of the McKinney bottles, and paid a grand total of nine bucks for both of 'em. That's 900...
  10. J

    Its time to give it away and help the kiddies out.

    RE: Not A Turning Point in History??? The kids didn't do so well at the States--read on These "judges" seem to have been completely disinterested in actually knowing anything about the projects they were to judge. They were absolutely CLUELESS, and didn't seem to care. When you know nothing...
  11. J

    Dug a common bottle,not So common color.

    Nope, no digginz yet. My house is 1890s, so the older pit might have some half decent stuff. I was thinking we'd dig the older one first, then decide if the newer one is worth bothering with. If nothing else, I might raid it for milk bottles. They're not high on my collecting list, but there are...
  12. J

    Dug a common bottle,not So common color.

    Nice color on that one, Rickster. Good job on finding the dump, too. I've been working on my house since the weather got decent, but I need to get out and sling some dirt soon. I hear there's a nice guy around here who wants us to dig two pits at his place [8D] ~Jim
  13. J

    dipped privy provides bucket list bottle

    Congratulations, Brian. A bottle like that is all it takes to make a pit well worth the effort. That's a beautiful house, too. ~Jim
  14. J

    Paterson EXPLOSION!!!

    Congratulations, Jim [:)] Those jugs could not have found a better home. The Garrison's Sweet Cider caught my eye right away, "Sweet" is right! ~Jim
  15. J

    Pontiled Baltimore Cathederal Pickle

    Very nice, Chris. Glad you got that one. ~Jim
  16. J

    Mineral Water

    Arrived safe and sound. She's a beauty [:)] Thanks again. ~Jim
  17. J

    Worst accident you had while digging?

    I've been pretty fortunate in avoiding any major injuries while digging. A few minor finger and knuckle cuts are all I can recall. My digging partners have not always been so lucky. One of my buddies was digging in a dump with me and slashed his arm to the bone on a busted whiskey fifth. He...
  18. J

    Whats your top Pet Peeves??

    If it weren't for most of my family and my house, business and rental property being here, I would have bolted this frozen wasteland long ago. I love the spring, summer and fall here, but from about November to mid-March, it's torturous for me. My birthday is in January and my brother's is in...
  19. J

    Whats your top Pet Peeves??

    My wife tells me that everything annoys me (except her, of course). I do have a long list of things that I find irritating. A few of my worst ones... 1- WINTER!! [:'(] I despise cold weather, snow, ice, pretty much everything about the season. This one seems to get worse every year, whether...
  20. J

    8 New Paterson bottles!!

    Sweet, I hope it finds its way to you. I'd love to find an amber blobster from here. I have an amber tooled crown and aqua/clear blobs from the same bottler, so there is hope! ~Jim

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