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  1. digger dun

    Holy bologna, that's a good one!

    I have a little ash midden pile that I periodically visit. Every time I dig a hole there I get something great. Unfortunately its fairly exposed, so I never spend much more then 10 minutes on it, and always backfill and sweep over my hole in hopes of keeping my secret spot untouched by all but...
  2. digger dun

    1984 Florida gators ACL Coke bottle

    This is arguably the first bottle in my collection, picked up when I was 8 years old. I was down in Ocala Florida visiting my grandparents, and they had a six pack of these. Someone said it was a collectible bottle when they noticed my interest in the colorful painted label, nothing like the...
  3. digger dun

    Montana Medicated Beer 1877 quart size blob top

    Hey, y'all. Been a long while since I posted here, the faceplace has sucked up most of my online attention, it seems. Anyway, picked this odd ball up off the ground at a construction site in the New York Hudson Valley area a few days ago, and can't find anything on it. Figured I should run it by...
  4. digger dun

    Poland's Vistula River at lowest levels ever recorded, Cyrillic embossed ground scores?

    I bet there's some good Eastern European bottles coming out of that mud, anybody headed to Poland any time soon?
  5. digger dun

    1940s Rupert Knickerbocker beer can found in a wall

    One of the engineers here where I work knows I collect bottles and stuff, and spotted this in the debris of a wall tear down today. It dates to when this place was built in the 1940s, and has only the slightest damage on the side as shown in the last picture. Score...
  6. digger dun

    Dumpster diving

    So, I was driving the truck down the avenue on Manhattan's lower east side when I rolled by a 40 yard roll off dumpster full of black mud. They had gutted an old building and were digging out the basement by hand, bucket by bucket, and had reached the water table. I walked around the dumpster...
  7. digger dun


    I haven't got out to dig lately what with work, and new home, and toddler, insert sad face here, but I have had some luck lately at the local Sunday flea market...Met a local digger there that gave me some hot tips that I'm gonna follow up on at some point here soon(I hope), he also had bottles...
  8. digger dun

    J. Reitzel sauce bottle, odd pontile like mark on base

    So, I've been going through boxes of old finds lately, looking for ones I should sell off, and I came across this one. Nothing special, really. A sauce/condiment bottle found in a 1890s landfill dump in Harrison New Jersey almost a decade ago. But What I noticed now was the odd mark on the...
  9. digger dun

    Shard ID

    Found this shard on my lunch break today. I work at a housing community called Stuyvesant Town on the lower east side of Manhattan. Most of the property is built on landfill dating from the 1840s to the 1880s, so I'm always looking when they dig a hole anywhere on site. I have boxes of killer...
  10. digger dun

    Hudson valley weekend score

    [attachment=IMG_5754.JPG] So, I was up the Hudson, near Newburgh this past weekend looking at houses, and visiting friends when I came across a construction site where a few houses had been leveled. I was out with my wife and 1 year old boy, so I didn't have a shovel or gloves or anything, but I...
  11. digger dun

    A weekend on the East End

    I had a chance to get back out to my home town over the weekend, and took my boy for a walk in the woods. Spotted this crystal clean, never buried local hutch in the leaf litter...
  12. digger dun

    glass blowers making sunglass lenses

    Check out this neat old article on making lenses for sunglasses. That's gotta be a lost art...
  13. digger dun

    3 junk store finds

    First, this nicely whittled labeled med.
  14. digger dun

    "Suffolk bitters" figural pig bottle

    ok, so I was in this low budget antique store, today, that was really more of a consignment junk store, and got a couple nice labeled bottles which I will post later under a different thread, but while eyeballing the place I noticed an amber figural pig bottle tucked into a crowded curio cabinet...
  15. digger dun

    A cold knock yields goodies

    So, my friend was walking down a side street in old Sag Harbor town and spotted some bottles in a window of an old slant roof salt box house, so he cold knocked on the door. The guy who answered said the bottles came with the house, and he knew nothing about them. he stated that some serious...
  16. digger dun

    carved wooden thing from privy

    Found this carved woodedn thing in a 1860s-70s privy pit in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn
  17. digger dun

    tooled lip Anheuser busch beer

    Dug this out of a creek dump last weekend, and a friend was telling me that it might have value beyond what an embossed tooled lip crown top would normally have because it's a Budwieser bottle. I did a little online research, but couldn't find anything Budwieser related that was similar and this...
  18. digger dun

    galvanized funnel thing

    This odd shaped device was picked up at an antique store on eastern long island. been passing around to friends and neighbors trying to figure out what it is. it's sealed with a screw cap on top, also has 2 petcocks, one up near the screw cap, and one at the point of the funnel. any one have any...
  19. digger dun

    black glass bases

    so, they are digging in the basement of a building where I work on the lower east side of Manhattan NY. they are about 13 feet below grade in east river landfill. From the old maps I've looked over I believe the area where the building sits was landfilled between 1780ish to 1830ish. My question...
  20. digger dun

    lower east side construction pile NYC

    So, there's a hole open where I work on the lower east side, and they are down about 12' below grade into the the landfill layers of Manhattan's historic shoreline. So far it's been shards, but I keep going back to the pile looking, hoping for something whole. here's what I've found so far.

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