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    Reno Bottle Show

    Anyone going to the Reno ,NV Bottle Show ?
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    Demijohns Wanted

    Hi, I am looking to purchase demijohns in different shapes and colors. I am looking for bullet shaped, kidney shaped, apple shaped, demijohns in unusual colors, ( yellows, blues, Western Pink examples, examples with striations , etc) Oakland Glass Works ( OGW on base ) demijohns or any others...
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    Antioch,CA Bottle Show

    Anyone going to make it to the Antioch, CA Show ? I am thinking of going ?
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    Chico,CA Bottle Show

    I wanted to ask if anyone is going to the Chico, CA Bottle Show or if anyone has ever gone to it ? I was thinking about possibly going but have never attended it.
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    Anyone else with photos from the Auburn, CA Show ?

    I just wanted to ask if anyone else has photos from the Auburn, CA Show ?
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    Demijohns Wanted

    I am looking to buy demijohns. Cylinder shapes in unusual colors and sizes , Kidney shaped, Apple shaped, etc, any help would be appreciated.
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    Wanted : OGW Demijohns

    Hi, I am looking to buy OGW ( Oakland Glass Works) Demijohns, in various sizes and colors, any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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    Auburn, CA Show

    December 2 and 3, the 49er HBA Bottle And Antique Show at the Gold Country Fair Grounds, Auburn,Ca. Barbara and I will be selling at this one. I am bringing a portion of the collection that I am no longer collecting, to include a nice selection of 15 inch colored Demijohns and 5 beautiful...
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    Wanted Trader Vic's Items

    I am looking to buy Trader Vic's Items from the 1940s and 1950s, such as Bottles with Labels ( Minty Examples wanted) as well as Tiki Ware used at Trader Vic's.
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    Reno Bottle Show

    Anyone going to the July 2011 Reno Nevada Bottle Show ?
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    Newspapers / Elections/ Presidents

    I am looking to buy near mint to excellent plus conditioned Presidential Election Newspapers from the 1700s to 1959 that discuss the election of a President.
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    Stoddard Double Eagles

    I am looking to buy top examples of Stoddard Double Eagle Flasks. I am after Minty Examples in Quart, Pint and Half Pints. Thanks [;)]
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    New Hamphire Sentinel Newspapers Wanted

    I am looking to buy Original Copies of the New Hampshire Sentinel dating 1815 to 1835, I am after Bound Volumes of Newspapers , I would like very good or better condition examples, any help would be appreciated, thanks [;)]
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    I am looking for any type of Bottles that were made in either Leesburg, Virginia or Lovettsville, Virginia, thanks [:)]
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    How Many GII-80 Stoddard Quart Flasks ?

    I wanted to ask everyone on the site how many ( or if they own one?) GII-Stoddard Quart Flasks have you seen over the years? Of course they are all spelled " Stodard " as they forgot the second d. I have asked this question to some of my personal friends but wanted to expand the information...
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    Donald Tucker Book Wanted To Buy

    Hello, I am looking to buy a copy of a Donald Tucker Book called "A Collectors Guide To Saratoga Type Mineral Water Bottles", thanks.
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    Book Title Needed

    Anyone know the name of the Book ( and where I might get a copy? ) by Tucker that lists Mineral Water Bottles? As I have decided to branch out into Stoddard Quart Mineral Water Bottles. [:)]
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    How About Those Giants!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, World Series Champions, we here in the San Francisco Bay Area have waited since 1958 to say that [:D]
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    Wicker On Demijohns

    Is there a way to distiguish Wicker on Demijohns that were produced in the West from the East, or from the Mid- West or South? Anyone know of any reference material on this?
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    Presidents' On Flasks or Bottles

    I was wondering how many Presidents have been represented on Bottles or Flasks ?, I am somewhat familiar with the Original Flasks and Presidents but not with later made Flasks and Bottles.

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