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    Earliest ACL Royal Crown Cola redux

    Before the forums were upgraded and thus locking all older threads there was a discussion about finding the first acl Royal Crown Cola. The poster had a line of bottles starting from 1936, and was wondering if there was one from 1935. This turned into a twelve page thread; however, I have yet to...
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    Cheerwine from Asheville, NC

    This weekend I found a paneled Cheerwine bottle from Asheville, NC at a toy show in Johnson City. I can't find anything on it online. Any of you Asheville collectors know who was bottling Cheerwine down there in 1952?
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    Stone Fizz

    I'm doing some research on a brand called Stone Fizz for a possible future article, and I'm needing to verify it I have the right patent for the "frozen bottle" as mine only says Patent applied for on the bottom. I'm hoping someone owns one that might have the patent number or patent date on the...
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    Possible Mountain Dew promotional item?

    I have seen these "little brown jug" nic nacs before; however, this is the first one I've ever seen that had this Mountain Dew tampo on it. I've seen this same style of tampo on items associated with bottlers on several occasions. I even own a Budweiser mini-bottle with a paper label that has...
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    Poisonious bottle

    Anyone seen one of these before?
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    A real honest to god green embossed 12oz Pepsi.

    I like most have seen the shoulder embossed 12oz Pepsi-Colas from the 1930's. There have even been some coke green glass versions show up as well; however, this was the first true green Pepsi-Cola 12oz I'd ever seen from this period. There have been plenty of those slick green bottles that were...
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    New milks for my collection

    Couple of new milks for my collection. First up is an Ebay find, it is a 1942 Clover Brand quart from Roanoke, VA with a war time acl on it.
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    This auction knows how to draw attention...

    the only problem is that I am far too distracted to even look at the bottle. LOL!
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    My small dairy collection.

    I've picked up a few milks and other dairy items during my time. Here are the bottles from my collection. First up is the A. R. Beaver's and Son pint and quart from North Tazewell, VA, which is a town that officially doesn't exist any longer having combined with it's close neighbor Tazwell VA in...
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    baltimore glass works flask

    Picked this up last weekend. Any info on it?
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    Liberty Bell glass item

    I decided to travel to an antique shop in South Jersey yesterday just to see what I could find. I found an item that I can't seem to find anything on in Google, so I thought I would post it here. It is a light green liberty bell which was labeled Vaseline glass, but looks to my untrained eye...
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    Another Dug Poison, any info?

    I did it again. I dug another poison out of the dead soda bottle dump. It appears to be completely machine made as the seems run over the lip, and has an M in a circle embossed on the bottom, and Poison and horizontal lines on two sides of the bottle with the other two being slick. Any idea of...
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    The long awaited Mountain Dew article, or at least the first part of it.

    I know I have been cagey when answering questions about the early history of Mountain Dew. This is because I didn't want to give too much away before I wrote my grand opus driven by my own questions about the official story as written by Dick Bridgeforth, legend based on anecdotal evidence, and...
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    I finally found the missing Mountain Dew bottle.

    In the story of Mountain Dew there is a no show bottle that we know went into production, but no intact versions have so far surfaced. The problem is that they were paper label bottles which were early versions of the ND/NR bottles. Apparently Tri-City Beverage was one of the early subscribers...
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    Possilbe prototype Mountain Dew bottle or hoax?

    Flittering around the bay just now and found this item. It appears to be using a Teem bottle design, but has a never before seen by me acl on the shoulder. Was this actually an attempt by Pepsi to make the Mountain Dew bottles fit the rest of their line, and was abandoned, or is this a fake...
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    Mountain Dew Styrofoam label bottle sells high

    Can you believe that a Mountain Dew Stryrofoam labeled soda and some assorted other Code Red stuff sold for nearly $77? I'm a bit stunned as well; however, I did bid on the bottle in question as I had never seen one before myself. The bottle in question is a Mountain Dew Red bottle from around...
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    tallcool vintage soda cup

    Another desecration of bottles which makes me want to grab this guy and beat him within an inch of his life.
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    This is why ebay protects buyers.

    I recently purchased eight bottles in a carton off of ebay. They were all Diet Mountain Dew 16oz bottles two of which were variations I needed. I won it at the starting price of $17.99 and a shipping rate of $13.45. A little over thirty bucks but I could justify just over fifteen or so a piece...
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    What was Cinco-Cola?

    Today I decided to get out of the house for a while and after fighting the crowds at the local wally world for a five buck blu-ray decided to hit the antique malls in Bristol, Va to see what I could see. I didn't find much until I came to the newest one. I looked the place over and was about to...
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    Candy Stripe Dr Pepper carton

    I have been collecting for at lest four years now, and that is about the length of time that I have been aware and putting off buying this item. It appears to be a Dr Pepper "candy stripe" carton, that also has an advertisement for serving Dr Pepper hot on the other side. I found this in...

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