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    Ol knowledgeable ones

    I may sift a little.
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    Ol knowledgeable ones

    Thanks mine has M on bottom. What do you think the odds of the stopper being in the pile of dirt?
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    Backlit insulator shelf

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    Ol knowledgeable ones

    What you think? Age and contents
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    Probe question

    That is a dandy idea Leon i have that stuff as well
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    Yesterday's Construction Site Finds.

    Wow that looks like fun for sure and wonderful glass!
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    Probe question

    Well I went probing a little today. Made my hand hurt, it’s been two years Since I had a brain fart of brain farts I can dig still, but nothing like I once could. If I could just find a place. We’re the crappers close to the ally or just wherever. Thanks Calvin
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    Probe question

    Thanks for the input
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    Probe question

    I just wondered if a nice round ball on the end might make it go in easer. It just looks sloppy for one thing.
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    Probe question

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    Probe question

    The probe I ordered just has a glob of weld on the bottom, do you think it would work better if I got a roller bearing ball the right size and brazed it to the bottom?
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    New guy with new guy questions

    That is some really nice stuff!!! I’m in western KS and got my first site dug out and I’ll be dad gummed if I can find me a place to dig. I suck at probing and the ground is well, my probe alway bends.
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    Are private sale of high end bottles taxed?

    I’m a dork but I’m in it for just the thrill of finding a cool bottle. But ol rat can’t find a new place to dig
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    Mug-based Hutch Found!

    That is a way cool find!
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    Check this out!

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    Dug this Killer Butter Crock over the Weekend.

    As always great stuff Leon, I would b tempted to use it
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    1870's/80's dump dig

    Inks are my favorite those are wonderful I have nothing that good. Super stuff you are finding!! And hello.

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