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  1. Clare

    Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon

    I have recently acquired my second, and much earlier, Langdale's Concentrated Medical Essence of Cinnamon. I love this bottle. It has so many bubbles and imperfections; including the indent in the seam where my thumb is in the 3rd photo, which can be seen both on the inside and outside of the...
  2. Clare

    Worth bidding?? HELP!

    I'm bidding on these bottles on Ebay and want some advice. How rare (or not!) is the large poison bottle? I want to know whether to continue fighting to win it? I have 7hrs until bidding closes.
  3. Clare


    Is this a pontil scar on my 'tablespoons' bottle? If not, what is it called?
  4. Clare

    Joining me today...

    Joining my collection today are... (I know that none of these bottles are rare or valuable. I just enjoy looking at them and researching them) Tablespoons - I know these are very common, but this is my first one. It is definitely post 1900s, but is that a pontil scar on its base? The base also...
  5. Clare

    Chameleon Oil

    I have recently acquired this lovely 'patent medicine' bottle for Chameleon Oil. Ok, so it "relieves pain", but what type of pain?! I have managed to find this advert - dated June 1907 - but I cannot read it for love nor money! Would it have been an Embrocation, as it can also be used on horses?
  6. Clare

    Grammar Nazi Trigger Warning!

    I'm a huge "Grammar Nazi", so this bottle really triggers me! It is definitely one of my favourites though. Congreve's Celebrated Balsamic Elixir for Cough's, Hooping Cough & Asthma [sic]
  7. Clare

    What could it be?

    Hello all Does anyone know what this can be? It is a small green bottle. It has a slit down one side. It appears to have an applied neck, but definitely an applied lip. There is something black and hard inside the bottle, but the stopper will not budge for love nor money! The base has an anchor...
  8. Clare

    Cream of Malt Gold Medal Oppenheimer

    Hope you're having a good weekend so far. Can anyone please give any information on this bottle or the Oppenheimer company? The bottle appears to be black glass and has an applied lip. The base reads 'L & T'. It has 'Cream of Malt Gold Medal Preparations Oppenheimer London' in raised writing...
  9. Clare

    Liquor/Alcohol Miniatures c1890

    I'm new here, so hi everybody! I recently acquired these 2 bottles. I'm told that they are miniature liquor/alcohol bottles from c1890. Does anyone have any ideas as to what they may have held? They appear to be hand-blown. The amber one especially has a lot of bubbles. They are also both...

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