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    Ol knowledgeable ones

    What you think? Age and contents
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    Probe question

    The probe I ordered just has a glob of weld on the bottom, do you think it would work better if I got a roller bearing ball the right size and brazed it to the bottom?
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    Fellow wondered about this bottle

    Got some small bubbles, but... looks modern?? What you all think. Seam goes to top of lip. Rat
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    Any ideas on this one.

    Has kind of a whiskey top but...? Ketchup? Machine made.
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    Dug these yesterday.

    Leon told me about the lady's leg. Any information on the one on the left would be most appreciated. The two clear ones machine made. The foley's honey and tar was welcome. Thanks, Rat
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    Help with I D and date machine made

    Dug this today kind of different. Got a couple more different ones but haven't washed them yet.
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    Finally a couple of decent ones

    What kind of mold is the amber slick? The top looks rolled down. Date? Thanks
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    O knowable one's

    Found this today pretty heavy and thick. Coffee cup with no handle? Shaving mug? Rat
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    Every thing broke kind of day

    I can't figure out the name.
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    Dump finally gave up one that made it worth while.

    I'm getting so I can dig better. Not the digger I once was, but very happy to be digging. Not as cool as the stuff back east but...
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    Help id

    Do you know what was in this, malt? Applied top, approximate date 80's? Thanks ch
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    Help o knowledgeable ones

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    1915 coke

    Hello all haven’t been on in awhile. Jacked up my hand Feb 4 getting so I can dig a little but... anyway my friend found a 1915 coke from Great Bend Kansas just wondering if it had any value not that he wants to sell it but it is always fun if they are worth a couple of bucks. Have a good en
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    Not to exciting but

    Dug 5 two broke one lip chip 2 nice. Got any ideas.
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    Whiskey I believe

    Found another 1st. It has a tooled top and bubbles. The inside of the neck has a ridge in it about a 1/2 inch down from the lip never seen that before. Any information and date estimate welcome. It has an 1187 on the bottom Thanks
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    Porcelain sign

    This was kind of a neat find. First I found an old barrel they cut the bottom out of to drain oil in.
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    Ok I know it is lame but..

    I worked pretty hard for it. Happy I found something at least ho ho. Was amazed it was whole.
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    Any ideas folks.

    Dug these. Thanks ch
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    Smallest one yet.

    Dug this yesterday it's a wonder I saw it. And yes I'm wondering what it is.
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    O knowledgeable ones, ideas, dates

    The green one seems to have applied top. Brown one has seem to top. Thanks

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