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  1. GlassKitTin

    July's Trip - Partials and Sodas

    Nice finds! Your bottom pic looks like the base to an oil lamp :cool:
  2. GlassKitTin

    Coffee creamers

    Never seen those before, but I love the small size! I’d be super happy to find something like that :)
  3. GlassKitTin

    A Bottle Digging Would You Rather

    I’m gonna go for 1800s as well! Never ever found anything that old yet, but I very much want to! Most everything I’ve found so far in my short time hunting has been 30s-80s, in easy surface pickings, so yea bring on the challenge! I think I’m ready ;)
  4. GlassKitTin

    Julep bottle initials HELP!

    Got some pics of my Julep just in case you were interested in its markings. Big E on the bottom, Bottle Pat’d March 11, 1924, 6 Fluid Ounces, and after the word Ounces is some tiny little initials (perhaps D.O.C?) and beneath that maybe numbers (not sure, very, very hard to see)
  5. GlassKitTin

    Finally Got Back Out to the Woods

    Took a bit of a hiatus for the summer, as all the wonderful plant life had the unfortunate habit of making it impossible for finding much with any ease. However, kid’s back in school now, and chilly weather’s knocking out the undergrowth, so time to get back out there! Only went for about an...
  6. GlassKitTin

    Aside from bottles , What else do you collect ??

    Hmm, I kinda collect a lot of things, but not with any major seriousness or investment. Books would be my big thing, not like antique or rare or anything just all the books I want to read, or have read and decided it was good enough to keep. I have nearly 30 of the big plastic storage totes full...
  7. GlassKitTin

    Julep bottle initials HELP!

    Don’t have much to add to this post, but if you’re talking the same antique store I think you are, I bought that $2 Julep bottle in June sometime!! Tag said 1924. I just liked the look of it, and my Uncle and Aunt used to have a cute dog named Julep, they called her JuJu, or JuJu Bean, lol. So...
  8. GlassKitTin

    Picked up 2 local milks today

    Ooh Centralia, that’s cool. I first heard of it in that scary movie when I was younger, the Silent Hill one, lol. Then that led to looking into the real story and falling into Wiki rabbit holes and much link clicking... That bottle is nice though! I like the beads/bubbles around the top :)
  9. GlassKitTin

    How to find insulators

    Those are great! I really like the emerald pop-bottle green one, I don’t really see that colour too often as opposed to the aqua/teal ones.
  10. GlassKitTin

    Peanut butter jars

    I have some similar small ones like that too but I think mine have little embossed stars below that top rim. I figured they were jelly jars or something but I was going to use them for glasses. They’re boxed up right now but I’ll have to see if I can find em when we clean out the garage in the...
  11. GlassKitTin

    Embossed Amber Dad’s Root Beer Bottle

    Found the antique store, spent an hour or so wandering around. Found the Dad’s bottles, took a few pics of them, but didn’t buy em. Did buy a couple other little things though, lol. Looked all over the cartons for any sort of date, to no avail. Oh well! Did see that they were from Akron, so...
  12. GlassKitTin

    Roman glass

    Those are amazing!!
  13. GlassKitTin

    Rodger the cat.

    Exactly! Like mine knowing to just knock down the little glass cats because I know their sound and she wants me up, but not knocking down the bottles or candle holders that are up there lol. Cats are brats sometimes for sure! :D
  14. GlassKitTin

    My Lonely Onlys

    I’ve only got two actually old insulators so far. Really, really, really would Love to find more, especially in the teal, or any other colour. And hopefully not broken. My teal Hemingray has the top busted off. It belonged to my one grandma, I got it after she passed along with a crate of old...
  15. GlassKitTin

    Huge dump but can't dig

    Ugh I completely understand! This one dump I’ve found is on state park land also, a mountain bike trail runs right on the top and bottom of its hill. I did pick up a couple surface finds that were like literally right on or on the edge of the trail, and not at all buried, because, yknow, don’t...
  16. GlassKitTin

    Embossed Amber Dad’s Root Beer Bottle

    Oh wow, for real? That’s super cool! I haven’t been out toward Alliance since all the corona stuff but I definitely want to go check that out, take a look. Thanks for the heads up! :cool:
  17. GlassKitTin

    Rodger the cat.

    In Niblet’s case, she is very much a pain in the butt, getting onto shelves and windows she’s not supposed to. The one living room window is high and narrow but long, perfect spot for my glass things. The wood burner is situated right near, and in the cold months, when it’s in use, she can’t get...
  18. GlassKitTin

    Embossed Amber Dad’s Root Beer Bottle

    That would fit with everything else I’ve found in that area then at least. I remember drinking Dad’s root beer as a kid in the 80s and 90s, but I always remember them being in the wide, real short neck clear bottles with paper labels and the wide screw caps (as opposed to the more beer bottle...
  19. GlassKitTin

    Embossed Amber Dad’s Root Beer Bottle

    Thanks, you too!! I feel slightly more educated now, and that ruby bottle looks amazing in my living room :D I was thinking it was a newer bottle too, as all the 60s/70s examples I found online had the coloured ACLs with the illustrated characters like Junior and Mama, etc. on em. Just couldn’t...
  20. GlassKitTin

    Embossed Amber Dad’s Root Beer Bottle

    Found this in the area where I’ve picked up the other couple 60s/70s things, and just got it cleaned up decent. Tried looking it up, because I’m not sure if it’s actually old, or if it’s one of those like nostalgia/throwback type glass pop bottles you can buy fresh now. Not having any luck...

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