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    Heckler's auction June 23 offering rare New Jersey soda, rare size Pitkin flask, rare New London Connecticut soda, lots more

    Thought folks would like to know about this auction. Some great bottles.
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    Hello from the Ginger Ale Collector- need help contacting a member about a ginger ale

    Hello everyone, I haven't been real active over the last few years in ABN as other demands in life have taken priority. I was going through ABN looking for things about ginger ale that I might have missed. I found a ginger ale in a post that I need to replace. In the post here it is...
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    Ginger Ale thread and news from Ginger Ale Collector

    Hello all, It has been a while since I added anything to the Ginger Ale thread started so many years ago. On the beautiful new Antique Bottle Net website old threads are "locked" which prevents me adding to it. I suppose it was time to retire it. Thanks to all who visited it and participated...
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    Ginger Ale Bottles wanted

    Hello Sodabottle collector gang- new member here. Really like the friendly "conversations" I see here. As you can tell from my nickname, I collect ginger ale bottles and wonder if there is anyone else out there that is as crazy as I am- just collecting ginger ales. In case anyone is...

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