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    Woods surface find

    Went hiking through some nice woods in central Va. on Sunday, came across this on an exposed hillside, looked like someone had just dropped there about a week ago - surprised it was overlooked in such a heavily hunted (deer) area for so long. Not particularly rare, but I am always happy to find...
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    Good to be back

    Haven't been doing any actual digging for some time, usually just scout along creeks/rivers for easy pickings these daze, but was fun getting back in the mud. Found overlooked seam on very heavily dug well-known town dump which was loaded with sodas, most prolly 1910ish to mid 20s - way too many...
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    Hot Springs Arkansas Arsenic Spring Water Bottle

    Came across this recently. Does anybody know anything about the history/value of this bottle? [attachment=DSCN2937.JPG]
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    Greetings ACL amigos, I found an oddball ACL soda last week (no pics, sorry): "Invigorating Mil-Kay, A Vitamin B12 Beverage, Mil-Kay Bottling Works St. Louis, Mo." Blue & white lettering, with windmill like decoration - looks to be late 30's to late 40's vintage. Never seen one of...
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    Why my wife hates bottles

    Since I have got back into collecting again I have been going going through boxes of bottles, some of which have been packed away for nearly 30 years. These old finds combined with a flood of new finds have created a sprawl problem. How I envy those of you with spouse's who share the collector...
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    Call me a sucker...

    But I'm a fool for amethyst blob top beers. What other bottle so nice looking could you pick up for 5 bucks? I picked this one up at a roadside mom & pop old bottle stand (a blast from the past). The shop is in southern Maine on Sanford Road off exit 19, head east on Sanford road about a mile...
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    Teal Philly Squat Blob

    OK, I promised a few weeks back that I would post better pic of the Wm Andrew's Philly squat that I recently acquired. I have been lucky enough to dig several great bottles this summer, but I did not dig this one: in fact I paid through the nose for it (just one of those I had to have moments):
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    Swamp Gem

    Finds are infrequent in the God-forsaken swamp that I frequently hunt, but when you get one its usually a good'un. Pictured in Mason & Burns Richmond pony I lucked into a couple weeks ago. Nice teal color and a very crudely made bottle:
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    Dig w/ Kanudigit?

    Had great dig with Casey (Kanudgit?) this past weekend, we were able to find a couple of blobs and several SS Pepsi and Cokes. Pictured is a Jacob Jockers Philly blob beer that I got in my split, Casey got a nice Philly blob pony in his spilt (hoping he will post photo) . I also found a nice...
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    Wm Andrews squat blob

    As promised weeks back here is photo of the deep teal Philly squat I recently acquired, the front photo was poor, the back photo (featured) came out marginal. At least you can get a feel of the deep teal hue:
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    Alabama hutches & blobs

    All, I was shocked earlier today to learn of a local collector (Richmond, Va.) who has a small collection of very sweet Alabama bottles that he wants to sell off, does anyone know the value of these bama bottles: 1. Phoenix Bottling Works, Mobile = gorgeous 10-sided hutch in mint...
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    Reformatory milk bottle

    All, My bro just found an embossed pint "Petersburg Federal Reformatory Dairy" bottle in mint condition. He was instantly offered $200 for it by a shrewd local collector. I told him hold on till I could message out on the forum regarding the market for such bottles. I am guessing that...
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    Schwamp deeg

    Well, I did make it down to the swamp last week and made a couple good finds - pretty cool finding new spot that has been under the nose of diggers/civil war relic hunters for 40 years without being tapped, but I have to give my older brother credit for coming up with the idea (I stole his...
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    Wm Andrews squat ale

    Hey y'all, I picked up a very pretty squat from Philly yesterday, deepest shade of teal of have ever seen. Is anybody familiar Wm Andrews bottles or have any history of the brewery? Thanx in advance, E
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    White House vinegar in citron?

    Found a pint White House Vinegar with classic logo this weekend - the rub is that the cruet is tinted light citron or golden. Appears that only the bottle and not the handle is tinted (handle is clear). Never seen this variation I am thinking it is one of the better White House collectables...
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    Guys, Check John's e-mail, since I can't dig with you any time soon I tried to give you guys some good clues on local places to search. Many dumps, some very old, in the region of the map - work hard and be patient and you will eventually be rewarded (the bottle diggers mantra). Lotsa luck, E
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    Southern Distilleries: Baltimore

    Found an amethyst quart embossed "Southern Distilleries Company, Baltimore Md.," with monogram cross "SODISCO" yesterday. Nice applied top and crude bottom: am thinking is a common bottle - but would like some history if anyone has any info on the company. Was really hoping to see...
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    6/30 dig without photos

    Well... Ever had one of those days where you would welcome finding even a French's mustard? Put in ten hours with my brother yesterday searching for a mythical virgin dump in Chesterfield County yesterday, you all know the story: none-diggin dude shows you bag of good bottles wondering if...
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    6/24 creek findings

    The water was a bit high and murky complements of stroms that hit the day before, but I was able to find a few:
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    Lynchburg (Va.) Whisky

    Hey, This is the 3rd Lazarus bottle I have found over the years, the other two are quite different = one is bar bottle embossed Lazarus & Gooding, the other a quart flask (sadly this one seems to have vaporized). Sorry about the poor pic, I am still struggling with posting. Hard to see on...

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