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    Hard to believe........

    that I have been a member of the Antique Bottles forum for 10 years. Yikes!!!!!! Where does the time go.......
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    Happy Birthday Steve/sewell

    I just noticed it was your birthday today!!![:D]
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    Whitall Tatum apothecary bottles

    I have a set of 15 whitall tatum apothecary bottles that came out of a basement of a drug store Tilton, NH. These date around 1880-1890, I believe.
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    Keeping it civilized......

    You people need to start getting along with each other. It's OK to disagree as long as it doesn't resort to name calling, threatening, etc..... Next time it might result in people being banned from the forum. If the shoe fits..........
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    New Hampshire Glassmakers

    7:30 tonight on channel 9 WMUR TV Manchester, NH. I believe that this has the exibit at the Peterborough Historical society that Michael George, Earlyglass, is participating in.
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    Another New Moderator...

    Let's all welcome Charlie, Cyberdigger, as our latest moderator on the forum. If this keeps up I'll be able to retire soon!!!![:D]
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    Tim, here's a picture of my drum set.[:)] 1971 Ludwig Rockers in Psychedelic Red. COB Pre-serial number Supraphonic snare drum. Zildjian Cymbals. DW bass & Hi-hat pedals. yamaha stands. Roc-n-soc drum throne. I've been playing the same kit for 40 years.[;)]
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    Dr. Kennedy's Medical Discovery

    I just listed a nice "Dr. Kennedy's Medical Discovery, Roxbury, Mass." bottle on ebay. This bottle is really nice and has a lot of character.
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    New moderator

    As of today, Roger has made Eric, cowseatmaize, a new moderator on this forum. We sould all thank Eric for volunteering for this position and I'm sure he'll do a good job of helping Roger and I moderating this fine antique bottle forum.[:)]
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    Pico Club Beverages

    I was wondering if any of you ACL bottle collectors could give me a value of this bottle. "Pico Club Beverages, Made in the heart of the green mts. Days bottling wks. Rutland Vt."
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    Tom, your inbox is full. You need to empty it. It's not an amber umbrella, It's an A.L. Murdock Liquid Food.
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    Unique applied top...

    Can any one enlighten me as to what type of applied top there is on this early Boston soda/beer bottle???
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    Farley's Ink for sale

    I'm selling my Farley's Ink bottle on eBay if anyone is interested. No reserve...... to the highest bidder. I'll be listing more of my bottles on eBay in the days to come.
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    City directories...

    I found this website of some use to look up names in city directories.
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    Whitwell's Liquid Improved Opodeldoc

    Here is a nice pontiled medicine that isn't listed in Matt's medicine guide. Clear, maybe flint glass, pontiled early medicine from Boston, Mass.
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    Keene, NH Bottle show pictures...

    We just got back from the Keene, New Hampshire bottle show and I thought I would share some pictures of the show. The first picture is from Norm Hecklers table.
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    Keene, NH Bottle Show....

    Who is going to the Keene Bottle Show on Sunday October 10th in Keene, New Hampshire????
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    Earlyglass article in Bottle magazine

    I just received the September, 2010 Antique Bottle and Glass Collector magazine and was pleasantly surprised to find a nice article about "New Hampshire Glass: From function to form" by Mike George, aka Earlyglass here on the forum. Also a link to the New Hampshire Glassmakers website...
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    New Ball Commemorative jar

    I just picked up this one gallon Ball commemorative fruit jar at Walmart for $9.97 It has a pull on and off reproduction zinc lid. I though it was cool in the one gallon size.
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    Tiger Woods Family Christmas portrait

    I couldn't resist.[;)]

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