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  1. GlassKitTin

    Finally Got Back Out to the Woods

    Took a bit of a hiatus for the summer, as all the wonderful plant life had the unfortunate habit of making it impossible for finding much with any ease. However, kid’s back in school now, and chilly weather’s knocking out the undergrowth, so time to get back out there! Only went for about an...
  2. GlassKitTin

    My Lonely Onlys

    I’ve only got two actually old insulators so far. Really, really, really would Love to find more, especially in the teal, or any other colour. And hopefully not broken. My teal Hemingray has the top busted off. It belonged to my one grandma, I got it after she passed along with a crate of old...
  3. GlassKitTin

    Embossed Amber Dad’s Root Beer Bottle

    Found this in the area where I’ve picked up the other couple 60s/70s things, and just got it cleaned up decent. Tried looking it up, because I’m not sure if it’s actually old, or if it’s one of those like nostalgia/throwback type glass pop bottles you can buy fresh now. Not having any luck...
  4. GlassKitTin

    My Green Glass Pistols

    These are tops of my favourites in my collection. They are super cool because of the looks, I mean like how many other bottles you find like these? I’ve done a little research and they are Barsottini Vino Rosso bottles from the 60s, and not worth super much. But to me they are priceless! I love...
  5. GlassKitTin

    Ugh... Well Now I Know Better...

    So I had some things to do today and it was all rainy and crappy anyway. So husband says while I’m running errands he’s going to go for a little walk where we found our tiny Ball jar and scope around, see if he can find the lid to it, or anything else cool. I was like cool, maybe you’ll get...
  6. GlassKitTin

    Just a Couple Little Things

    Went out to the garage and grabbed a couple easily reachable things off the (half-buried by junk) bar to show and tell. The first one is my very first old bottle I ever owned, got it out of my grandparents pile at a family yard sale we were having about 8-10 years ago. My Grams let me just have...
  7. GlassKitTin

    Tiny Ball Jar... Is It the Real Deal?

    Very excited to post this find from about a month ago. Found it in a creek near some big broken crocks while hiking. It was packed clear full of mud, but I got it cleaned up nicely and started looking it up. I think it’s a little Salesman Sample from what I’ve seen, but I’m also worried it’s...
  8. GlassKitTin

    Another Question... 2 Little Amber Bottles and 1 Clear

    Hello again! New question here... actually kind of like three... :) On my most recent hike, through the same area where I earlier found the possible ink bottle from my other question post, my husband and I found a decent backpack load of goodies. (The pic of everything we found the other day...
  9. GlassKitTin

    Maybe a mustard jar? Honey jar? No idea!

    Found this little guy on a hike a few weeks back. Picked it up because of the different look it has, the ribbed shoulders and oval shape and small size. Probably is not too old or anything, most other stuff found in that area so far has been like from the 70’s or so by my estimate. But was just...
  10. GlassKitTin

    Hullo, Noob Here!

    Hello all! After doing a lil lurking, and learning some, I’ve figured I should say hi, and introduce myself. I’m Kit, from southeastern Portage, in Ohio. I’m new to the whole bottle finding and such, but I’ve been into glass and bottles and just finding neat lil old things that catch my eye at...

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