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    Insulator and bottles at yard sale

    Picked up a box of bottles at a yard sale, these include a fighting joe lewis bank, 3 nice hutches ( 1- rocky mountain bottling works colorado springs colo. 2- Hanigan bros Denver 3- A.D.Simmons Denver), 2 poisons marked "not to be taken", 3 an insulator deep purple marked R.Good Jr Denver Colo...
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    Scroll Flask real or repo?

    I'm posting these pics here for a member of another glass forum trying to figure whether real or repo. Any help would be appreciated!
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    concentric ring flask & union co flask

    I'm trying to figure out who made these repo's as I've never seen this type of base treatment. The light green concentric ring flask has an impressed I and 1973 along with an etched 45. Its about 7 1/4" high by 6 1/2" across. The Blue Union Co. flask has an impressed I and 1974 along with an...
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    Wine Bottle? Ashtray? New? Old?

    I saw this at a yard sale and it was so strange I had to get it (only a couple bucks) It looks kinda new to me but its one of those WTF bottles. Anyone seen one like it? What would you call it? The woman at the sale said it was a spittoon but not likely.
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    Square applied top bottle?

    Found this quart bottle and it has me confused, it looks like a milk but there is no ridge on the inside of the mouth (possible a bail top closure?) the base has J 40 very faint and of course the applied top and being square. Anyone have any info on this ie what it was used for, age etc. The...
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    amber 20 rib jug

    Managed to get out a little and came across this one, not sure what to make of it. It has 20 ribs and a few small bubbles and debris in the glass. It appears to be BIM as I can't see this being machine made but what the heck do I know. Anyone ever seen anything like it or have any info on it?
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    Lifetime collection for sale

    EntireMason Jar collection for sale, Over 400 +++ masons pat, ball perfectmason, improved, odd names, go withs etc etc. (over 70 masons patent ½ gallons,quarts & midget pints) All different (there are some sets of jars from thesame molds including a set of 6 # 216 atlas made ball jars). There...
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    Rabbit candy jar

    Here is a find of mine from a local estate sale, I know it is a candy container but could only find one that has sold recently and would like any and all info some of you may have ( age etc). There is whats left of a gold color band around the neck area and the legs act as stands when set on its...
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    United Drug Co Fruit Jar

    Picked this up at an estate sale today (3 bucks) with an original KantKracK lid, a nice addition to my ever expanding collection. (#2854 in the Red Book)[:D]
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    Milk box and milks Stocker Bros Dairy

    Here is my pickup from garage sales this last weekend, A Milk Box and 3 milk bottles from my wifes hometown, Stocker Bros Dairy Easton PA.
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    Birds swing

    Here are a couple I found at a yard sale, The green is a 1971 wheaton figural and the yellow one I have no idea of its age but what attracted me to it was the perfect "birds swing" and the crude unevenness of the glass. There are no mold marks I could see and the base is strangely rippled. The...
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    No Bottles just interesting stuff!

    Yard sales, Estate sales etc have been all but devoid of bottles lately but have picked up a few interesting things. The menorah was found at a tiny sale, laying on the ground in the dirt in the corner of a covered garage (go figure) asked how much and was told 6 bucks, didn't argue as its 11 oz...
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    Silver things?

    I'm sure someone on here has some knowledge of silver items and could identify what these are? Picked up the whole lot at a yard sale for 20 bucks (about 339 grams total weight). I would have guessed egg cup but the hole and size of the large side throws me. Any info would be most appreciated!
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    A Couple Estate sale finds

    These are a couple I picked up at a local estate sale and any info on them would be appreciated. The first is a dose cup with MEINECKE & CO. NEW YORK on the base and the second a measuring beaker with THE BRUCE & WEST MFG CO. CLEVELAND .O FLAVORING EXTRACTS engraved in the glass along with...
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    Trues Imperial pint and US Naval Academy bottle

    Found these today, anyone have any ideas on the naval bottle please pipe up, I feel its probably wheaton but not sure. I checked all of clevengers listing with no luck. The Trues Imperial is a nice find and one I didn't have. " />
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    why does the name "Wanamaker" sound familiar

    this is up for auction, looks like a nice go with.
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    Happy Thanksgiving all![:)]
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    Wicker covered Rum?

    Found this today for a buck, could it be an old Bacardi rum? Didn't know they came this way and it's a shame the label isn't complete!!! " />
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    maple grove ill war milk

    here is a milk I found this week at a yard sale, the paint is very nice with very little sign of wear. Since I'm running out of room will more than likley throw it up on the bay. [attachment=IMG_1367.JPG] [attachment=IMG_1368.JPG] [attachment=IMG_1369.JPG]
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    Washington DC milks

    Finally had a decent yard sale day, got the three milks (2 quarts & 1 1/4 pint) one is chestnut farms chevy chase dairy, Thompson dairy and Alexandria dairy. All from washington DC. Also got a silver police medal from the gold coast which became ghana and a gold necklace and a silver...

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