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  1. CreekWalker

    large Tennessee Pepsi auction starts June 23

    One of our local long time , bottle collectors, picker, and county historian , has passed away. Lynn Shaw had an interests in many local items, Whistle, Nehi, Rainbow Beverages, Jitney, Bert Smith Hutches, and Pepsi. His extensive Pepsi collection is upcoming, starting June 23. Here is the link...
  2. CreekWalker

    Amber or Brown Quart slug plate Memphis Dairy Tenn Pure Milk Union St.

    My daughter picked up a nice quart milk bottle, and sent me pictures. It is strongly embossed : MEMPHIS PURE MILK CO. PHONES 2743, MEMPHIS TENN. Man, it's sweet. Starting at the construction site of the Memphis Pyramid in the late 70's, I dug there , (Memphis) until the early 2000's, and never...
  3. CreekWalker

    check out the cap on this Bim-bo.

    anyone have any info on this 1950-60’s, ACL bottle and cap. An old post says Bimbo glass figurines date to 1920-30’s ,and was the sidekick of Betty Boop. I don't believe this bottle has that connection. If it was a USA brand, it moved to Mexico sometime later.
  4. CreekWalker

    Christy & Huggins Ice Co. Murfreesboro TN

    I dug a bottle this weekend, and after a web search, found more about the bottler than the bottle. I just placed the bottle in a vat of white cleaning vinegar, to see if it dissolves the rust streak in a couple days.
  5. CreekWalker

    A Tenn. Country Physician , his Pharmacy , and a roadside bottle dump.

    I've been working in north Tennessee , repairing roads and bridges. And since,  I was interested in the possibility of a relic discovery , near my job sites, I went to the local library to study the old county property maps , showing towns, homes, and businesses in the vicinity. What I...
  6. CreekWalker

    Owen-Illinois F.P.D. Circleville Ohio 1965-69 Case XX Pocket Knife

    I bought this with a group of old pocketknives. It is a Case XX Stainless USA, model M279, and made between 1965-69. "Owen-Illinois F.P.D. Circleville Ohio", is what the handle is marked, . Here are my assumptions about this knife, it is a service award for a Owen-Illinois employee, who may have...
  7. CreekWalker

    Dark Amber SS Bottle Crescent Brand Union Bottling Co. Beer or Soda?

    I recently dug this Dark Amber SS marked 6 1/2 oz. Bottle, it is a Crescent Brand, Union Bottling Co. (Memphis, Tenn.) but not marked with the city , all three dug near the company neighborhood, which was on Union Avenue. Third one, in thirty years, anyone know if it was a Beer or was it a...
  8. CreekWalker

    Creek Bottom Find JUDD Inkwell & How much debris fits in a 1" by 1" hole!

    Walking to a digging site, I spotted this glass object flush in the creek bottom. Dug the little chuck of glass out, with a sharp chisel point, where it had laid for 100 or more years. Realizing, it is a inkwell and not a ink bottle, I checked the base, and discovered it is marked JUDD...
  9. CreekWalker

    Creek Bottom find, Judd Ink Well & how much Debris will Fit in a 1"x1" Hole.

    Walking to a digging site, I spotted this glass object flush in the creek bottom. Dug the little chuck of glass out, with a sharp chisel point, where it had laid for 100 or more years. Realizing, it is a inkwell and not a ink bottle, I checked the base, and discovered it is marked JUDD...
  10. CreekWalker

    New Art Deco Orange Crush Test Issue Wow! Bold X

    It was a good day for local soda bottles. I was digging a bottle filled creek side gully, and it was a very productive site. Most of the bottles were brands, and types I've found in the past, but a couple were pretty scarce items. But in this post , the one that stood out, was an art deco type...
  11. CreekWalker

    1930's Stoneware Jar / Bottle, Wing Fung Hong ,China 3/4 Pint size.

    Here is an item made during the " Federal law forbids the reuse of this bottle" period , 1930-1960"s, it is in a local junk store. Is it a possible whiskey and rice liquor? Found this old link here on ABN from 2004...
  12. CreekWalker

    Large Speas Wood Slat & Iron Hoop Barrel

    Was in a local antique shop lately, spotted this seemingly plain old barrel. I saw the top down in the bottom of it and pulled it out to see if it had local markings. It did! Pretty cool Memphis artifact and probably made by the Chickasaw Cooperage Co. , (barrel manufacturer)...
  13. CreekWalker

    Mississippi SS & Art Deco sodas, Jackson & Biloxi

    I've been searching relics , both native American and Civil War, so the bottle digging has been put on the back burner. We have had one of the wettest winters ever, and the ground is saturated most everywhere. Went to Mississippi to see family last weekend, afterward I stopped late one afternoon...
  14. CreekWalker

    Hunted a farm site yesterday.

    Results of eight hours on a 1850-1880's farm site , using metal detectors to locate possible dump sites or trash pit. I knew Civil War sites were close, but was not expecting the amount of lead , buttons, a period token and uniform buttons! The bottles were mostly 1880-90's, near the site of of...
  15. CreekWalker

    Happy Holidays, Folks! Merry Christmas.

    Wishing all diggers and bottle collectors, a great Holiday season, and great digging and excavated glass prizes in the coming year. Merry Christmas, Rick.
  16. CreekWalker

    Glass penny from World War II

    Here's the story I never heard before,interesting article about its development. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. CreekWalker

    AA Amber Whiskey Flask , creek find.

    I'm working near a creek , north of home, and had a few minutes to explore after lunch. Found a good many shards , a few modern (1950-70's) soda bottles and this 1942 dated, AA whiskey flask, cork top. It's brazing hot here, digging only at daybreak to about 9 am. , after midday even paid...
  18. CreekWalker

    Local sodas, embossed and ACL.

    This weeks soda were generally good, found a pit site with several great local embossed sodas, 1920's to 1940. Ended with Coca Cola, one major heartbreaker included, Gay-ola, Several Early orange Crush, Whistle, Union Bottling, O-jay deco, Cherry Blossom , Liberty Cola and more. Sent from my...
  19. CreekWalker

    Grape Kola 5 Cents Syrup Dispencer

    This is a local item, which sold by online auction, that I can't find any info on. It does not have an association with the 1960's Greta Grape Kola. It sold on ebay recently for $551. Any idea's on the area of distribution or history?
  20. CreekWalker

    My kind of spring cleaning, surface hunting flint , chert, obsidian relics.

    The fields are plowed and planted, the spring rains have settled the soil clods. It's time to surface hunt native American relics, if it's allowed in your state. You may find other items, marbles, for one, glass and pottery shards, which lead to further investigation of the area, coins, (yes...

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