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    Can you say Calabash?

    Total of 8 calabash bottles a with couple of unusual colors
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    Cobalt Coffin Poison Bottle

    One of my favorites, I am guessing pre-1900. Are there any others out there found by other members?
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    Looking for information on this bottle and rarity of color. Sorry, just realized it Should have posted pre 1900

    Where could I find more info on this bottle. One side I would describe as an urn not sure what the other side is depicting. I have seen this bottle in other colors but not the beautiful shade of green.
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    Looking for information on the "Circus Lady"

    Age, use, where made, does anyone else have or seen one? Value? Part of the bottle is frosted and the head and ball are clear. I have had it for years and came down from my father who was a collector.
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    Looking for any information on "Clown Bottle".

    Age, use, where made, does anyone else have or seen one? Value? I have had it for years believe it was found at an antique store.
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    Pint Milk Bottle with baby face at the neck

    I pick this bottle up a few years ago. It was of special interest to me as I worked Saturdays and Summers at Dressel Dairy. My job was primarily to wash the trucks, check the oil, and gas them for the next days run. It really paid good money back in the day. I enjoyed it because I was into cars...
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    Masonic Bottles

    Pictured are 2 of the Keen bottles and a Shepard's bottle from Zanesville. The Keen bottles designs are much more pronounced than the one from Zanesville. Did all the Zanesville bottles have weak impression?
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    Booze Bottle

    I am 78 and the 3rd generation and current caretaker of a fairly extensive collection of bottles. This bottle has been in our family for over 100 years and was acquired by my Grandfather. I believe it to be original; however, thought I would put it out for discussion.
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    Bottles with humorous sayings

    I assume these are just unique little pocket flasks. I have had them for years and am curious if anyone has additional information or seen them before. The amber one is simply embossed "Try It" and the aqua one is embossed "Will You Take a Drink? followed by "Will A Duck Swim? and a little...

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