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    Beware of color modified bottles on ebay

    Beware of this seller. They have been using radiation to modify colors on uncommon bottles. Some inks, medicines , and other bottles. Not your typical purples or burnt amber colors.Here is an example, a fairly common aqua pontil medicine that has been modified to a rare clear with amethyst tint...
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    Selling excess medicines on Fleabay

    I'm listing many excess medicines on the flea bay. Nothing super but maybe some interesting items at lower prices. link
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    VA Milk A rare milk on craigs list. For those who collect such things. No idea who the seller is.
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    Free Bottles

    I have about 40 bottles I will give away. Some medicines, sodas, and perfumes. Mostly 1900 or earlier. Nothing great but good for a starting collector and the price is right. You must be able to come pick them up, I will NOT ship. Located in Frederick MD. (if you have to drive more than...
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    2 cheap amber ABM poisons

    Went to an antique mall with the kid today to escape the heat. Found 2 poisons which is uncommon for me. I think they are common but only paid $1.50 for the two. Got a few other interesting items so didn't come home empty handed.
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    American digger makes friends... According to the suit, when the show made its debut in March 2012, the Holcombes were inundated with "a barrage of calls, emails and unfavorable comments on hobbyist forums from subscribers and...
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    Earthquake, yikes

    wow a freakin eathquake just hit my house. Not a good feeling in a 200 year old stone structure :( like a 5.8 near Richmond, anyone else feel it? The wife called and was worried the dog didnt get out of the house, thanks...
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    reworked USA Hosp Dept bottle?...not These YPM bottles do have a similar look to USA HOSP DEPT bottles. I can see why people play the wannabe game. Obviously not as early. Lip is different. It is...
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    Eureka Hair Restorative

    EUREKA THE RELIABLE HAIR RESTORATIVE From Chicago. The embossing is interesting. They left a blank area for a thin strip label.
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    Chinese Bluing?

    A bluing bottle I havent seen before. BADAME SUPREME TRIPLE STRENGTH CHINEsE BLUE IMPERIAL CHEM PROD CO. Not sure where its from.
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    Dr I J Martin ... Ellicott City Maryland?

    Wondering if the Baltimore people have found any of these? Embossed Dr I J MARTIN on front. Appears to be from around late 1870s to early 1880s. I saw there was a doct in Ellicott City with that name.
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    pinched mold flaw on a pitts flask, cool Interesting to see one of the pinched mold flaws on an eagle flask, and amber to boot. I'm liking it...
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    amber flask? any thoughts on this flask? where and when is it from? thanks.
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    Smith's Compound??

    Got this medicine off fleabay. Enbossed SMITH'S COMPOUND DR E S POWERS BROCKTON MASS. I have found a couple references to Powers but nothing about this medicine. Anyone ever see one? Thanks for looking.
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    Sperm whale jaws?

    Listed some fossils on fleabay if anyone is into that kind of stuff...
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    USA HOSP Cobalt not a bad price. Wonder how long it will last before someone grabs it?[;)]
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    What would you like to see in a bottle book?

    I am considering putting out a new PRINTED medicine guide in 2112 (assuming the world doesnt end). I have put out a CDROM price guide for many years but people are always asking for an actual paper book. I would appreciate some feedback from forum members about what they would like to see in a...
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    what i want for christmas ... holy smokes... who dug this one? one heck of a hole.
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    yet another new FleaBay change...

    you can no longer put your email address in your listing ... or links. they are tightening the screws[;)] got to rein in all those off-site deals that are getting away. Buyers should be able to find everything they need to complete a purchase right in the listing--and if necessary, contact...
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    Pittsburgh druggist

    looks familiar for some reason...

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