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    Champion Brewery Co. Detroit, Mich.

    Dug this one a while ago. Seems an odd bottle to find in British Columbia...
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    Whistle 32 oz

    Dug the other day... any info appreciated. Shown with Felix (10 oz?) bottle. Both were dug in the same area, but I think the Whistle is the oldest of the two.
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    Small oval bottle that stands upside down

    Found this a few months back, never did figure out what it was used for. It reminds me of Chinese medicine bottles, but I think its of western origin. About 2" high, embossed around the neck. Rather difficult to make out the embossing, but looks like "W. T. CO D".
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    A few smaller dumps I've discovered

    When I'm not digging at my main dump I'm on the lookout for other ones -- preferably older than 1940's, but I will dig anything up to 1950's or so. I just wanted to document some of them, starting with the most recent. Nov 13: Discovered a farm dump alongside a stream in Surrey, BC. Here's...
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    Large 1940's Dump Discovered - Advice?

    I came across a pretty massive bottle dump in the woods the other day. I found the site using an aerial photograph from 1949. I've included the aerial photos and a LiDAR hillshade image depicting the dump area, so you can get a decent feel for it. The dump area is roughly 60x100 feet, and is...

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