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    Looking for Gloucester, Mass and surrounding area Bottles

    Hi I'm looking to buy any blown-in-mold or milk bottles from Gloucester, Mass. Also looking for bottles from Rockport, Beverly, Essex, Ipswich, Manchester or Salem, Mass. Thanks
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    New England Antique Bottle Club 52nd Annual Show & Sale

    08 April 2018 (Sunday) Dover, New Hampshire – New England Antique Bottle Club Presents their 52nd Annual Show & Sale, The Elks Club, 282 Durham Road (Rt. 108, Exit 7 off Spaulding Turnpike), Dover, New Hampshire 03820, Sunday, April 8, 2018, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, Antique Bottles, Insulators, Fruit...
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    51st New England Bottle Club’s Annual Show & Sale April 9th

    09 April 2017 (Sunday) Dover, New Hampshire – 51st New England Bottle Club’s Annual Show & Sale at the Elks Club, 282 Durham Road, (Rt. 108, Exit 7 off Spaulding Turnpike), Dover, New Hampshire 03820, 9:00 am to 3:00 , Admission $2, Early Admission (8:00 am – 9:00 am): $15, Contact Rick Carney...
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    Want to buy an antique bottle museum?

    Went to the Maine Antique bottle and Glass Museum facebook page and saw this post "Maine Antique Bottle and Glass Museum is listed for sale on ebay." Here's the Ebay listing...
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    Champagne bottle Pontil?

    Hi Everyone I got this champagne bottle from a consignment store for $3. It has what appears to have an uneven applied ring and sheared top. It has some nice stretch marks in the neck. On the bottom around the inside of the push up it has some light rough spots. My questions are: Is this a...
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    Figurine bottles info questions

    Hi EveryoneI was at a yard sale this morning looking at some old bottles and the woman having the yard sale said that she had a few more bottles in her garage and wanted to know if I wanted to see them. Of couse I said yes and she was bringing me in to see them she said that these weren't for...
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    Paines celery compound question

    Hi EveryoneI have a chance to buy an aqua Paine's celery compound bottle for $15. I would like to know if this is a good price. The amber ones are common in the U.S and I have bought a few of these variants for $5 and probably wouldn't pay more than that for one. I've read from an older post on...
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    Atwood's Jaundice bitters question

    Hi EveryoneI bought an Atwood's Jaundice bitters bottle today for $5. The embossing read's "Atwood's Jaundice Bitters, Moses Atwood Geoergetown, Mass" I know at some point the embossing on Atwood bottles was changed to"Atwood's Jaundice bitters, Formely made by Moses Atwood, Georgetown, Mass"...
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    Hi EveryoneI got this case gin last summer at a yardsale for $1. I brought it home and put it in with my collection and didn't think much about it until yesterday when I took a closer look at it. The bottle isn't symetrical, has no mold seams and has a crudely applied finish. I was wondering if...
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    New England Antique Bottle Club’s 48th Annual Show

    New England Antique Bottle Club’s 48th Annual Show April 6, 2014 Dover New Hampshire, New England Antique Bottle Club’s 48th Annual Show & Sale, Contact: Gerry Sirois (207) 773-0148 Jack Pelletier (207) 839-4389. Just saw this on the National Bottle museum's bottle show calender page.
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    Is this a good buy?

    Hi Everyone I saw this stoneware jug at a thrift store for $28. I didn't buy it. Thought I'd consult the forum first to see if it was a good price. I didn't take a picture of it but I found a picture of one just like it on the internet and included it below. There's a small maker's stamp on...
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    Free Massachusetts Insurance maps

    Hi Everyone Just wanted to give a heads up. The Massachusetts State Library is digitizing the Massachusetts Real Estate Atlases in its collection. These atlases are now available online through the library’s institutional repository and its Flickr site. I guess it's part of a grant-funded...
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    Potential online resource for finding Sanborns

    Hi Everyone Recently I was searching online for old maps of cities and towns in my area and I found out that Flickr can be potential resource for finding Sanborns and other old maps. I had some luck finding ones for Massachusetts cities and towns. I wanted to give the forum a heads up. I'm...
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    Tumbling question

    Hi Everyone I have a bottle that I might want to get tumbled. The only problem is that it has a bubble burst. The open part of the bubble is on the outside. I'm only interested in getting the inside tumbled to get rid of some heavy duty hazing. Will the open bubble create any problems or an...
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    New England Antique Bottle Club 47th Annual Show

    I just found this on the FOHBC website under show listings . Just thought I'd give a heads up. 07 April 2013 (Sunday) Dover, New Hampshire – New England Antique Bottle Club 47th Annual Show & Sale, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, early buyers 8:00 am at the Elks Club, 282 Durham Road, (Rt. 108), Exit...
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    Ebay Auction advice

    Hi Everyone I was just wondering if I could get some opinions on an ebay auction. It's for a bitters bottle from Salem, Mass which is where I live. Is it rare like the ad states? And I was wondering if anyone has an approximate value. A bottles value doesn't mean too much to me for the most...
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    J. Burk & Co bottle info needed

    Hi Everyone I got this bottle at a consignment store today for $3. It's embossed with "J. Burk & Co Keokuk, IA This bottle is never sold" It's a hand blown tooled crown top. I was wondering if someone can tell me if this is a common bottle or not. I was thinking of either using it as...
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    Stoneware Jug Question

    Hi Everyone I was in a thrift store today and I came across a stoneware jug. Thre was no writing on it but it had a picture of a crown on it with a 1 in the middle of it and "Gal" on the bottom of the crown.I'm assuming this refers to the jug being a 1 gallon jug. Unfortunately I didn't have...
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    Railroad staation help

    Hi Everyone I've been doing some researching and I found a spot where there used to be a railroad stop/depot. I haven't been to the spot yet but according to google maps the buildings are no longer there. I don't know when the station was built but it's listed on an 1884 insurance map so it was...
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    Australian Bottle help needed

    Hi Everyone I got this bottle at an antique store last week for $5. It's a nice green color and has an applied top. It's embossed with "South Wales Brewing Co Ld LLandilo". The base is embossed with " 5015 S.W B C.S &CO Ld. I tried searching google for information on the company but came up...

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