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  1. Antiques214

    Mystery Texas Bottle

    I went out and walked a new local creek this weekend and one of the coolest finds was this bottle. It's embossed with "JOE COLLINS KAUFMAN AND ATHENS TEXAS" in a circle slug type style on the front with "ROOT" on the bottom and codes 1387 and 12 on the heel. I haven't been able to find any...
  2. Antiques214

    Hard to Find Coca Cola Straight Side Bottles

    I have a couple of amber straight-side Coca Cola bottles. One of which is a hard to find horseshoe arrow Coke from Louisville, KY. I bought both of these with intentions to resell them. What would a good asking price be for the pair of them? Also, does anyone know any of the history behind the...
  3. Antiques214

    Early (Possibly Rare) Texas Straight-side Coca-Cola

    I posted a picture of this bottle along with a hutch not too long ago. I've been thinking about having this one repaired but I'm not sure where to get that done or if it's even really worth it. Just the very top of the lip is broken off and it's got light scratches all over. I've been told if it...
  4. Antiques214

    Hutchinson & Straight Side Coca-Cola

    A few years ago I was walking a local creek and I found these two bottles, both bottled by the same local company called Riviere Mineral Company in Tyler, Tx. If you have any info I would love to know some more about them and how much they may be worth. Hutchinson As you can see, this hutch is...

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