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  1. PorkDaSnork

    Jacob Schmidt. Doesn’t look like anything online.

    It appears mine is #6. Thank you very much for the information!
  2. PorkDaSnork

    Misspelled City, Slug Plate Bottle

    I can’t find any info either, but since Selma, Alabama is a small town AND it’s an error bottle, I think that might be kinda valuable!
  3. PorkDaSnork

    A Bottle Digging Would You Rather

    I live off Georgian Bay. I have no choice BUT to dig rocky dumps. My dump only, at most, has dirt about 1 foot deep. However I’ve found almost 100 bottles. With 1800s dumps you also have a greater chance of getting more valuable items. Sure, in the 1930s dump you’d find more items, but the 1800s...
  4. PorkDaSnork

    Jacob Schmidt. Doesn’t look like anything online.

    I found this Jacob Schmidt Brewing Conpany bottle in my digging hole. I googled it and the only one I see like it says “registered” On the front and does not say “contents - 13 FL OZ” on the back. Boom or bust?
  5. PorkDaSnork

    did not expect to pull these! This is what I’m pushing. I’m not trying to be a “saint”, I’m not trying to be politically correct, I’m literally enforcing the effing LAW.
  6. PorkDaSnork

    did not expect to pull these!

    You’re so stupid it’s beyond belief. The pry bar is YOUR property. It was never someone else’s. That’s sentimental value, and it’s kinda cool too. Dead eyes are not. I never ever said you dug without permission, I was assuming you DID ask permission, because thats my point. You wouldn’t dig on...
  7. PorkDaSnork

    did not expect to pull these!

    For Pete’s sake you are missing the point. How many times I gotta say it? Removing artifacts from Shipwrecks is illegal. No ifs ands or buts. That’s all I’m saying.
  8. PorkDaSnork

    Finds in a $5 Box of Bottles

    Where is this show? I’d like to head there and buy the other nine!
  9. PorkDaSnork

    First unbroken pottery

    Siiiick! No makers mark though, so I can’t give you a value, however that’s still really cool!
  10. PorkDaSnork

    did not expect to pull these!

    That will be my last resort, if I can’t donate them, sell them or use them... they’re too bulky to keep in storage.
  11. PorkDaSnork

    did not expect to pull these!

    My my thoughts exactly. I wasn’t near Base Borden so I wasn’t exactly near any sort of military bases... probably a veteran took em home as a trophy of war and then years later didn’t want them anymore and dumped them away.
  12. PorkDaSnork

    did not expect to pull these!

    Because I found these on my private property, so they were technically already mine, I just didn’t know about them. You shouldn’t be digging anywhere that isn’t your property, or if you have permission from the land owner. Most shipwrecks are historical sites, so unless you’re salvaging them...
  13. PorkDaSnork

    did not expect to pull these!

    Probably gonna put my pool cues in them or just donate them. The small one is light but the Russian one is around 30-40 pounds.
  14. PorkDaSnork

    did not expect to pull these!

    So I’m walking in my forest, with a metal detector and I’m striking big fat zeroes. My metal detector starts going crazy! I get a hit that is long and big, so I start digging it out and it is a 2 foot tall mortar shell! These are them all cleaned up. Big one is Soviet, pretty obvious because of...
  15. PorkDaSnork

    Dead eye

    exactly why you shouldn’t take them for yourself.
  16. PorkDaSnork

    Dead eye

    Donating it to a museum is perfect. Leave it in the water for divers to enjoy, or donate it to a museum for everyone to enjoy. Don’t take things that aren’t rightfully yours for your own personal gain... they’re not even worth anything. You can make them with a woodworking kit.
  17. PorkDaSnork

    Dead eye

    If a wreck is a century old and the deadeye still looks like that, I’m sure it’s fine just where it is. They also will dry out quickly and rot on land... unless you brush it with water and such every week.
  18. PorkDaSnork

    Dead eye

    Bottles are dumped away... they were garbage. Shipwrecks are technically still property of the shipping company, and the “very few” divers who visit it will be certainly disappointed that the wreck will soon be stripped to some planking of the hull.
  19. PorkDaSnork

    Dead eye

    Cool now put it back for other divers to enjoy.

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