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  1. Dewfus

    Had to add a little something to the x- mas tree

    A little whisky sample x mas ornament lol.The wife said I can only put 1 one the tree lol
  2. Dewfus

    Something To Be thankful for!!!!!

    Just want to give a shout out to a good friend of mine on this forum ROBBYBOBBY64 for bringing one my favorite bottles back to life. He did an amazing job repairing a hutch I found. Thanks again buddy!! (BEFORE ) (AFTER!!!!)
  3. Dewfus

    Quick dig at the new spot today only 1 bottle but one I didnt have !!!

    Tool the kids to the park near .my new spot and poked around a bit and under a peace of broken crock I found this guy here the lip was sticking up thought it was broken, but fortunately it was not !!! Got him all cleaned up looking and looking good !!!
  4. Dewfus

    Recent river expedition

    Found my second 10 2 & 4 Dr pepper but instead of it being a Illinois label it was made by ball? Didn't know they made soda bottles slightly different debossings as well one has bigger debossing .on the left is from Indianapolis indiana and the other from Elkhart Indiana I just found not very...
  5. Dewfus

    Holy glowing glass batman lol !!!

    I think I found a peace of Vaseline glass??? Need expert opinions here lol but this thing glows in normal light it looks glow in the dark any ideas on age???? Looks really cool under black light !!!!
  6. Dewfus

    River bank dig !!!

    Found this slug plate Sam L stone & son crown top it matches my hutch I found a month back
  7. Dewfus

    River finds from recent adventure!!! Have a couple of these already but always fun to find plus some beer labels I found for 1 of them

    Found a few other labels for some other beer bottles in my collection But this aqua quart in the pic is K&S BRC CO. MISHAWAKA,IND copper full bodied beer bottle the lable isn't the right age I'd imagine due to it being from early 1900s say 1918 to 1928 but it is the same brand though thought it...
  8. Dewfus

    Went scouting for bottle dumps and located a new one only had a few minutes after finding it to look around tell it got dark, but has potential!!

    It had a tone of broken glass and stone wear peaces ,broken blob beers and several mason jar lids which I took back for some jars and this random bottle any ideas on what it was or the age?I'm guessing mineral water or possible olive oil from my research
  9. Dewfus

    Knowledge is power!

    Got this today excited to read this. I was recently asked buy my local antique shop to be there bottle expert lol!!! I told them I'd be glad to but I unfortunately don't know everything about them but if I don't know I fortunately know many knowledgeable people on this amazing forum that will...
  10. Dewfus

    Christmas Cokes from Puerto rico???

    What's the deal with these bottles what info I can find on them there from the 80s? Why they say pay d 1923 lol are they just re used? But they can't be they are emboss d on bottom Puerto Rico lol any information you got would be great I know somebody knows what's up with these lol
  11. Dewfus

    John woolsey & co 1914

  12. Dewfus

    Back to my first dump not much but felt good to be back!!

    Went back "HOME" to were it all started for me. Small haul but it was fun. Not Sure of the ages of these 3 items but love them none the less!!!
  13. Dewfus

    River walk turned mudlarking adventure ...kinda fun lol

    Found this gallon first I was just excited to finally find a whole one of these lol been digging broken ones up for ever now. Then after cleaning it up I seen the cap said coca cola! I imagine it's not old and very common but it looks good iny museum lol!!! And my first insulater like...
  14. Dewfus

    Cornfield finds ...can't believe they survive!!!

    Theres a ditch that runs beside this cornfield down the road and the farmer widened it using a back hoe and it pulled up some bottles apparently how they still have paint is beyond me lol but the one is from my home town of little Ligonier I've looking for one fully painted and this has a...
  15. Dewfus

    2nd vase like this!!

    2nd one of these I've found one in the river and I dug the other ..must have been a popular vase lol
  16. Dewfus

    River walk #6 ...What a surprise!!!!

    Only found 1 bottle but man I'm thinking it's pretty old can't find anything on it yet hopeing one of you fine ladies and gentlemen on here can give me an estimate on age possibly oldest I've found yet pretty stoked even though it's a slick.

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