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  1. J

    My favourites

    i picked this up a while ago. It was brewed literally right across the street from my house.
  2. J

    Bottles For Y'all

    i like the Ferrari Testarosa
  3. J

    my white whale

  4. J

    bowling pin

  5. J

    the nicest piece in my bottle collection is not even a bottle.

    thank you i guess you can only over pay if you sell it which i have no plans on doing
  6. J

    Stretch Marks on an older crown cap bottle?

    That's the first time i've heard the term "stretch marks " in reference to old bottles and i gotta say i like it a lot.
  7. J

    Plenty of Bottles for sale$$

    any have Hamilton Ontario embossed on them?
  8. J


    thanks i live a 5 minute walk from the former Hamilton glassworks site.
  9. J


    my first jar
  10. J

    the nicest piece in my bottle collection is not even a bottle.

    don't ask how much? yikes!!
  11. J

    Pictoral Elk Logo Hutchinson Bottle

    Is that ice? ive done some winter "digging" ive busted through some ice poked around in the mud and they almost just float to the surface
  12. J


    or i move and start all over
  13. J

    whats closer then local?

    im starting to think i wont be satisfied until i carve out my own bottle mold with my own embossed lettering then blow the glass myself apply a lid (blob top of course) and once i've brewed my own beer sealed it opened it drank it then dug a hole under my own house buried it then dug it back up...
  14. J


    cummer bought the patent from pilgrim and took over completely a short time later. i live a fifteen minute walk from the former site at burlington and james st north in hamilton
  15. J


    if was shipped all over canada as it was very popular at the time

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