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  1. Antiques214

    Have Access to old bottling plant that operated from 1870 to 1915

    Ask the guy if you can dig near his garden area where he found all those bottles cause it sounds like a honey hole. By the sounds of it, what you found was the bottlers dumpsite. They would often snap the tops off old bottles of they were transitioning to a new design so that the bottles...
  2. Antiques214

    Mystery Texas Bottle

    V Very cool! Where did you find this information so I can do more digging?
  3. Antiques214

    Mystery Texas Bottle

    I went out and walked a new local creek this weekend and one of the coolest finds was this bottle. It's embossed with "JOE COLLINS KAUFMAN AND ATHENS TEXAS" in a circle slug type style on the front with "ROOT" on the bottom and codes 1387 and 12 on the heel. I haven't been able to find any...
  4. Antiques214

    Selling my collection

    What’s his eBay store so I can check it out?
  5. Antiques214

    Selling my collection

    Could you send me some pictures of the insulators, hutches, and that bottle up top just to the right of the jug? Also, do you have any poisons? I don't have any in my collection and would love to get one.
  6. Antiques214

    Hard to Find Coca Cola Straight Side Bottles

    Thank you for that bottle-bud, that gives me a good time period and some of the history behind it. I really appreciate you responding.
  7. Antiques214

    Hard to Find Coca Cola Straight Side Bottles

    I have a couple of amber straight-side Coca Cola bottles. One of which is a hard to find horseshoe arrow Coke from Louisville, KY. I bought both of these with intentions to resell them. What would a good asking price be for the pair of them? Also, does anyone know any of the history behind the...
  8. Antiques214

    Hutchinson & Straight Side Coca-Cola

    I really really appreciate your interest in these bottles but they are currently the prize of my collection. If I ever happen upon duplicates I would be happy to sell them to you.
  9. Antiques214

    Clorox and Clo-White

    That sounds like a really cool idea. Mind posting a picture of one? I have a bottom I've been saving
  10. Antiques214

    Great 1884 Lafayette profile jar for auction.

    That's pretty cool. Never seen anything like it.
  11. Antiques214


    I've only dug one so far and I stopped and thanked the Lord right then and there when I did.
  12. Antiques214

    Orange crush bottles.

    I've never seen that third bottle before though I haven't really looked at a whole lot of Crush bottles. I have one of the amber ribbed ones because I like the unique design. Maybe I'll look more into Crush bottles in the future.
  13. Antiques214


    What exactly do you mean by that?
  14. Antiques214


    Those are beautiful! I am an amateur insulator collector myself. Have you considered selling any of your extras?
  15. Antiques214

    What is this

    Here's how. Here are three different extract bottles of mine. The two on the right are embossed with "McCormick & Co. Baltimore" which is a well known extract (among other things) company. The one on the left is pretty much exactly like yours and is very similar in shape and style to the other...
  16. Antiques214

    What is this

    As Harry Pristis mentioned, it appears to be some type of extract. I would venture to say it was most likely a vanilla extract. I have several similar ones that I've found in a local creek.
  17. Antiques214


    Very cool! I've never seen or heard of this type of bottle and stopper before. Very neat piece
  18. Antiques214


    Well that didn't really have anything to do with my question but okay.
  19. Antiques214


    I really like the petrified wood. I find tons of petrified wood pieces while bottle hunting in a couple local creeks so now I have a box full. Yours look shiny, what did you coat them with?

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