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  1. RIBottleguy

    Ledge Soda Bottle? Ochee Spring Water Company in Rhode Island.

    Hi Tim, It is a scarcer bottle, there are three variants of it, yours looks like the most commonly encountered. I would guess a mint value of $30-40.
  2. RIBottleguy

    So I wrote a Book (Rhode Island ACL Sodas)

    This is a book that has been over 10 years in the making! Started by a friend, he passed it on to me. It includes a list of every known ACL soda bottle from Rhode Island, color photos of every bottle, and detailed histories of every company. I'm working to get pics of the inside to show on...
  3. RIBottleguy

    Amber American Bottling Corp. Providence, RI Liquor Bottle. Need help dating it and value.

    Nice find! I have two of these that are slightly different than yours as they also say NY below Prov, RI. The CGCo likely stands for Coshocton Glass Co like Hunter stated. I'd date this bottle from 1902-1915, likely on the later side. It's a scarce whiskey! I'll send you a PM
  4. RIBottleguy

    Talk about a whole lot of nothing.

    I take home aqua fruit jars because they always sell, even if not for a lot.
  5. RIBottleguy

    Got Back in the River Today 5/23

    Hey! So the Nutro company was founded in Boston in the 1920s. They had a branch location in Providence that opened likely in the 1920s as well. They lasted into the 1930s before going out of business. Their bottles seem to be fairly common as I have found quite a few of them.
  6. RIBottleguy

    Potter Drug & Chemical Corporation Bottle

    I've had one with the label, it was Sanford's Ginger Brandy, a popular preparation they bought out from the original Sanford.
  7. RIBottleguy

    H.R. PRENTICE 1873

    Nice stoneware beer! Henry R. Prentice started brewing beer in Providence, RI but had moved to Seekonk, Mass by the 1870s.
  8. RIBottleguy

    Found some bottles

    I know I'm a little late but I did some research on that Beers bottle. It is quite rare, dates to the 1860s. I wouldn't be surprised if it's worth around $100!
  9. RIBottleguy

    Confirming a bottlers dump?

    I've dug one bottlers dump and there were literally thousands of their bottles there. You should be looking at hundreds of soda bottles from the same bottler at least, all dumped in one spot. If I were to guess it just sounds like someone really liked Nehi.
  10. RIBottleguy

    Hi Dennis, I still have the one in my personal collection and have not come across a double to...

    Hi Dennis, I still have the one in my personal collection and have not come across a double to sell to you yet. I'll keep looking!
  11. RIBottleguy

    Half a Coke Bottle, $500?

    When it comes to damaged bottles different degrees of damage affect the value in different ways. Heavy wear/stain may reduce the value by 25% or more, a small chip or crack by roughly 50%, and major damage (large lip chip, 1" or more long crack) by 75%. These are just rough percentages that I...
  12. RIBottleguy

    Am I missing something here?

    Yes, but the estimate is a lot closer to the actual value. Must be a bidding war.
  13. RIBottleguy

    Hi Jerome, sorry I just saw this. I have two Chief Two Moon bottles if you are interested.

    Hi Jerome, sorry I just saw this. I have two Chief Two Moon bottles if you are interested.
  14. RIBottleguy

    New Digging Video! Soda bottles galore

    I have a lot of footage I'm just putting together now, here's a dig from last summer.
  15. RIBottleguy


    Has a poison bottle-esque shape, wish there was more embossing to help with the id.
  16. RIBottleguy

    What could it be?

    I have seen a bottle that came with a syringe before, so that's one possibility.
  17. RIBottleguy

    One of the nicest inks I've ever seen

    It was made overseas, they don't even try to make it look real. They had someone make a garbage bottle mold with poorly formed seams and make it a pretty color. That's just what they do in a third world country. Technology is behind. It's really hard to tell apart experts from amateurs just...
  18. RIBottleguy

    Bottles on ebay 2-1-2021

    I've been long-dormant on the ebay front, but now that digging season is over it's time to unload some stuff!
  19. RIBottleguy

    Decent group of bottles for sale

    Sorry, I sold that bottle less than a month after the post.
  20. RIBottleguy

    One of the nicest inks I've ever seen

    Without the slightest doubt in my mind a modern fantasy piece. I'm willing to bet my entire collection (worth tens of thousands) on it.

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