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    Should I go

    Sure, if reasonably close, why not? To buy or sell? Or just all the pretty scenery and sweet glass?
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    Antique Landfill Today's finds

    What's the bracelet made out of?
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    Bottle noob

    I accidentally got into bottles while metal detecting. Welcome!
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    3 1 Is that a date? Or code? Neat bottle..
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    Found a fishing sign in the river and traded for some bottles.

    Any idea on the age of the sign? I like finding signs! If I ever get back to a certain spot, there's a few large signs I wanna kill myself hiking out with lol.
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    I know Helen! She is good people.. Sorry...
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    Help with Well Dig

    I don't care how seasoned you may be, taking on some things, while solo, is just dumb.. I am in no position to lecture, as I do plenty of risky and unwise things, but I very much understand what I'm potentially getting myself into. Just use common sense (NOT COMMON ANYMORE), prep for the...
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    New here and looking for any new spots in Houston for digging

    Can't help ya.. Diggers are like fisherman, we don't just run our mouths about the spots (or even potential spots). I will say this, RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! Go over plat maps, old maps, aerials, etc.. Get creative and talk to old folks that have lived in the area for a long while. Walk...
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    Antique Landfill Life

    Sweet. Isn't digging (and finding) GREAT?! The poor generations after us... Just plastic..
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    Might be a retarded question

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    Getting chilly, got one more river walk in.

    In the river then? I want to walk a couple that are local, but they are really high! Ever use chest waders?
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    Getting chilly, got one more river walk in.

    In the river? On the shorest/edges of the river? I too like everything near the water. The good Lord invented doubled up wool socks for a reason! Nice finds! Jealous..
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    I have the coolest bottle!

    Largely inspired by these bottles. (Crystal Head Vodka) Fantastic Vodka! Great coin holders afterward.
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    Is this Old indian pottery? Found during a fossil dig on the peace river in florida.

    Without telling the whole story, I would ask the native tribes in the area.
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    Undiveable river: let's hear your ideas!

    DIY rig would have to be seriously strong material(s) then (heavy wire?), and the line pulling it. If possible, a winch would be preferable as well..
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    Need some help identifying this bottle's date, contents and value

    I could never understand the appeal of Michelob? The again, I'm an IPA guy..
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    I have the coolest bottle!

    Master potter connections...
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    I have the coolest bottle!

    While continuing to go through boxes and figure out what gets kept, sold or becomes target practice, I happened upon this beauty! (Stoneware, not glass) None of y'all got one so cool! And certainly not handmade, with the same amount of love and care! A bit crude, but earlier works always are...

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