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    Adolph spiehler bottle, and ferraline bottle?

    I pulled the document up and it seems the company was similar to those snake oil salesman's. They stated that the iron supplement cures everything but in reality its just a iron supplement 97 percent water 3 percent iron sulfate. Seems kind of fishy, and definitely false advertisement.
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    Is this rare?

    Cork top Adolphus Busch beer bottle. Just wonder if this is rare or a more common.
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    Adolph spiehler bottle, and ferraline bottle?

    Got a nice bottle. Just curious about the company and what they made. The bottle looks similar to the vintage Florida water bottles but im unsure of the age or contents of these two. The ferraline bottle I was unable to find anything online about it.
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    Old hand written letter?

    Thank you for the translation. I did a little research of my family history. Caroline was my great great great grandmother, and that's her baptism certificate when a year after she was born. I'm so glad my great grandmother collected so much family history stuff(buckets full). I can post some...
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    Old hand written letter?

    That's cool, I am trying to figure out how to translate the document. Maybe an app can do it but I am unsure if it will be accurate.
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    Old hand written letter?

    I have been searching through my great grandmother's collections of letters and misc items, that she has been saving for a long time and had found what seems to be a old letter in a foreign language. German, I belive. I dont know what it says but it has a wax seal of some sort and is hand...
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    Case gin. Age range?

    I am not sure, there is no mold seams on the bottle and the top of the glass is uncentered from the rest of the bottle. Their is I line of glass on one side that looks like a seam but only goes halfway down.
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    Sorry I dont know how to delete a post
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    Case gin. Age range?

    crude pontil case gin. Any info on age would be helpful. Thanks
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    Civil war encampment, veteran medals, coat buttons

    These where my relatives Clement Nye.
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    Interesting medal found with my relatives civil war medals.

    The medal reads 52nd conclave indiana grand commandery, warsaw winona 1906, has an image of a crown with red cross through the center. I am unsure of what this is but it was with all my relatives civil war medals and encampment ribbons. Any info would be helpful
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    Free blown bottle?

    This was my Grandma's. Don't know exactly what it was or could be. The closest thing I found online that this could be is a midwestern globular bottle, but I don't know for sure. Looks pretty old but It could be someone's craft. Has a pontil scar on the bottom and some nice bubbles. Any info on...
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    Anyone have Big boy sodas with embossed cities like this?

    I'm guessing this is from the 30s but I don't recall there being a bottling site in warsaw In. I have seen ones with patents 1927 and others with applied labes. Probably sometime before they put labes on their sodas. Post any images of your big boys.
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    Is this Old indian pottery? Found during a fossil dig on the peace river in florida.

    There aren't shell fragments in the pottery, there are crystals of quarts in it and has a very rough almost sandpaper-like feel/texture to it. If the pottery isn't a native tribe could it have been something traded with other tribes from other parts of the US?
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    Is this Old indian pottery? Found during a fossil dig on the peace river in florida.

    I know it was stupid of me to not to tell him what I found because that was most likely a cache of artifacts there. Probably whole pottery fragments and artifacts belonging to ancient tribes. But I don't know what tribe it would be. I was like 10
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    Is this Old indian pottery? Found during a fossil dig on the peace river in florida.

    Hello I found this about 12 years ago and I was young when we went on a fossil dig on the peace river in Florida. I went of the path of the fossils to see if there was something upstream and at first I thought it was a fossil turtle shell so I put it in my collection and didn't tell my tour...
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    WTB Nichol kola / Nichol sunsweet bottles

    Hello I have a Nichol sunsweet bottle are you still interested in this bottle. It in good condition.
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    Id help old chinese cash coin?

    yeh if you could that would be great. thanks
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    Is this a pontil bottle age range?

    Curious if this is a pontil bottle. It is really warped in places. i

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