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    Amber milk bottle thread

    Great thanks for posting these. Seems like a lot of similar variations. Are they associated with diff years, like they changed embossing slightly after a couple years, or could there be 5 or more diff variations with the same year code.
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    Amber milk bottle thread

    Was hoping it was a bit less common, but at least I have one now. Paid $12 so like you say Hemi, not a big investment.
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    New to collection

    Thank you very much. I’ve only dug two types personally, Hemingray 42 and Brookfield beehive types both on my local commuter train line. The rest have all been purchased within my spending guidelines. I’ll post the full set soon. Only about a dozen, all common I’m sure but do have a couple nice...
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    Amber milk bottle thread

    Thanks for the info. That’s a lot of variations. This small antique shop also had an amber Farner & Parker square Pyro quart from the 50s or so, but I like the embossed earlier bottles much better.
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    Amber milk bottle thread

    Finally found an Amber milk this week in NE Pa. A People’s Milk quart from Buffalo, NY. Reed glass mfg. 1934 has some scratches and nicks and a big bruise on bottom. Happy to add my first to collection though. Macjxl- do you have this one??
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    New to collection

    Can experts confirm these insulator varieties for me please. Picked these up for 2$ and 3$ in NE Penn this week. My rule of thumb is if it’s a type or color I don’t have and is $5 or less, I go for it. First is a Brookfield with an inverse 1 on crown. I think it’s a CD 102. Next is a white...
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    I am looking for information about a bottle

    If I’m seeing the markings, looks like lines with corresponding 1-6 numbers. Appear to be ounce markings which you can easily check with a measuring cup. If true doesnt that rule out a lot of locations?
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    $28 later it's tumbling.

    Looks good. Show some results. How do you nip the wire mailman. Robbie, you said you had devised a way to cut it quickly. I’ve got about 30# of bare bright copper I reclaimed from my shore house remodel, I’m using a large old tin snip, I can cut 4 or more strands at a time, but will still take a...
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    Tumbling Before and After photos

    Hope you’re doing well Robbie. Tough going through the parent thing, my wife and I recently have been there-
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    So I wrote a Book (Rhode Island ACL Sodas)

    Good luck! Pretty great accomplishment.
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    Can’t find much on this? Rare?

    What are the markings on the bottom and around the base/heel if bottle.
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    11" tall bottle near abandoned house in CT

    That shape is def vinegar, I’ve found several including this one embossed with The great Atlantic and Pacific tea Co. A&P, that is. Mine happens to also have the T in a triangle which was Travis glass company. Look them up on Likely 30s-40s vintage.
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    Agreed. One of the best run least drama forums around and with great info.
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    Got my Boyfriend into it now, and he came home with some good ones.

    Sterling mines area? Very cool UV minerals there. North NJ is a huge area for minerals.
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    Rare Shell Motor Oil Bottle, Three Blobs, and A Couple Milks

    Very nice. Motor oil bottle is awesome. You digging in the marshes by NYC? I see zebra mussels in the “in place” shots. I have one of those Reid’s Union bottles. Paid 2$ for it thinking it was a Union county NJ bottle, but it’s a Brooklyn dairy I believe.
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    Has anyone ever recolored pyro milk bottles?

    I’ve thought about that exact same thing, if the ghost image is strong enough, must be a process to re-adhere new paint to those areas. Btw, love the hy vita bottle, is that yours. I own a house 1 mile from Old Barney. Hope to obtain one some day.
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    Just 2 bottles I need help Identifying!

    The large C is to help them sort the bottles after cleaning back to the right local dairy bottler. C for clover. Thatcher bottle from 1942. Lots of good info on milk bottles and thatcher online like this link.
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    More Barnegat bay bottles

    Thanks. I have a new stand up paddle board, and the view into the water is awesome on clear days. Hoping I can see some bottles near areas where there was development years ago. Sounds like that’s working out for you.
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    More Barnegat bay bottles

    Nice. Are these near the NJ mainland or out by one of the barrier islands. I’m in Barnegat light, and want to get a small boat to look for bottles.

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