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    Aqua Blue and I am new

    I could see this 100%
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    Glove Test, One, Two

    So, I purchased some Trapper Gloves from PCSOutdoors and got to test them out today. I went out in the kayak and I could see a paper thin sheet of ice in a few spots. The gloves kept the chill to a minimum. I could feel the cold, but at no time did I feel uncomfortable. I managed two keepers...
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    2014 Calendar?

    I can't find anything searching for it, but I'm also half blind and half dense. Is there a 2014 Calendar?
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    New life for an old wardrobe(?)

    absolutely beautiful. anyone would be proud to have that in their home.
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    Christmas Eve and I have to say, fast shipping and processing. very fast.
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    Christmas Eve

    well, I went ahead and got these =) Hope I did ok!
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    Dr. McMunn's Opium Hoard

    that is so cool!
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    Christmas Eve

    or maybe just these? what do you river guys use?
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    2013 Best Finds Year in Review

    Well, certainly not incredible by any means, but I said this year I'd like to find a Coca Cola bottle from my home town (LaPlata, Maryland) Ended up with a bit more than one =)
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    Christmas Eve

    Would these gloves work? I'd wear some longer arm length rubber ones underneath to keep the mud/creepy crawlies out.
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    Cleaning Barnacles

    The vinegar did indeed work! I soaked the problem area over night and when I woke up, I rubbed the barnacle bits with my thumb and they dissolved completely.
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    Christmas Eve

    sunrunner, I'm in Maryland =) the water has the consistency of split pea soup =(
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    Cleaning Barnacles

    awesome! Thank you so much!
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    Christmas Eve

    He was yelling at the dog to stop getting muddy lol But he loves the bottles .... perhaps too much as he'll grab for them and attempt to play with them as one would play with a football. he'll learn =)
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    Cleaning Barnacles

    Any ideas on how to get the remains of barnacles off bottles? Soak in CLR maybe? I can get the bulky part off, no problems, but the little imprint where they cling on is really tough. I've tried a copper brush, steel wool, and a wood toothpick, but none do the job.
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    Christmas Eve

    quick avatar test!
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    Christmas Eve

    love the kayaking =) I need to figure out how to get all the bottles under the mud. I can feel TONS of them under about a foot or so of soft mud. I can reach through it, but that seems like a good way to lose a finger or three. I also found a super common bromo-seltzer cobalt that I shined up...
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    Christmas Eve

    Gotta say, I love the new layout! Went out for a bit in the kayak on Christmas Eve and got a few bottles in the crab net =) (6) LaPlata Coca Colas and (2) Silver Spring Coca Colas Chestnut Farms Dairy with cream catcher! My first intact! Ambassador Scotch and my new Change Jar lol Barbasol...

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