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    I was going through some of my storage bottles the other day, which includes some that are broken, chipped, faded, etc. and found this Kolowine bottle. I don't remember where I acquired it or when. It was produced for a very short time by Cheerwine. I collect Cheerwine, and its forerunner...
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    An idea for displaying special / interesting bottle and glass shards

    This might be an idea for someone. Many years ago, a friend and schoolmate of mine who made pottery (very big here in Randolph County, NC), made a pie plate and gave it to me as a gift. We had it a number of years on display, and one day it was accidentally knocked off a shelf, and broken into...
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    The Rest of My 7Up Collection

    Yes, it does have all the appearances of a real bottle, but it is only 5 inches tall, and has the other modifications I mentioned.
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    The Rest of My 7Up Collection

    One of the most unusual "bottles" I have in my collection is this 7Up that I found in a display case in an antique shop, probably 40 years ago here in North Carolina. As you can see, it is not really a bottle, but a lot of effort went into making it. The "bottle" is 5 inches tall, and my first...
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    An old favorite from my collection

    From what I saw on some California Perfume Co. collector sites, this bottle is about 1905-1907.
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    An old favorite from my collection

    Hello again from North Carolina. I just wanted to share one of my favorites from my collection. This one came from my wife's great-uncle's house after he passed in 1972. He was 99 years old, and never threw anything away. I helped get some of his things ready for his estate sale, and was...
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    Unknown coin found metal detecting

    There is a metal detecting series called "The Hoover Boys" on Youtube. They know all those very old type coins. Maybe you could send them a pic.
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    Hello from North Carolina

    The two hutch bottles were used between 1905-07. The straight-side Coke was used at Star between 1912-16. The hobbleskirt bottle is actually a 1915, in a pretty ice blue, and was used from about 1916 to about 1922. The CC Soda was a Coca-Cola flavors bottle, and was used in the 1916-22...
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    Hello from North Carolina

    Hi Guys. I have been collecting local bottles for a long time, from my hometown of Star, North Carolina. They have been difficult to find, but I have a pretty good collection. I have attached a photo of my best bottles. I am looking for two others that have eluded me so far, and I have also...

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