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  1. Michael Seeliger

    WTS Warner collection bottles for sale

    I just purchased a large Warner bottle collection and will have just about any Warner bottle you are looking for for sale. Everything from Animal Cure to safe remedies co bottles, 4 cities, all the log cabin bottles. Anyone interested in a particular bottle to complete your collection? Want to...
  2. Michael Seeliger

    Thinning out the Collection

    I'm always looking for Warner bottles with labels from Canada. Especially ones with the red Proprietary or Patent Medicine Act stamp on them.
  3. Michael Seeliger

    Repro or Fake Warners

    Warner was very particular about his bottles. He won an injunction against Dr. Craig and got the rights to the bottle shape and the words & Liver connected to a Kidney cure. He had to make sure his patent and trade mark was kept so he only put up medicine in amber bottles. When the Ltd...
  4. Michael Seeliger

    Repro or Fake Warners

    Very interesting find. If you look at it, it seems to be one of the reproductions from the 1960s. Like the cobalt blue one and the yellow one they are very good reproductions. Not like the crawford crown bottles that are marked on the bottom. Who made them is unknown. They all have a couple...

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