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    Treasure found at local market-Bellarmine Or Bartmann Jug

    I found this at our local market, Southworks in Cambridge Ont. I have been collecting for 50 years and this is the first one I have found to buy. It was described as a face vase but in fact it is a Bellarmine or Bartmann Jug from Germany. These jugs were used from 1650's to the mid 1700's. It is...
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    Wanted Dominion Soda Water from Dundas

    Hi all, I am looking for a bottle from Dundas Ontario. I believe it only came in a machine made version of which there are pints and quarts. It has a full elk on it and Dominion Soda Water, Dundas Ontario. Bruce w. Thurston
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    Canadian quart Sodas for sale

    I have eight Canadian quart Sodas, 5 are blob top, 3 are handmade crown top. 3 - blob top Pilgrim Bros. from Hamilton all different. 1 - R.S. Dunlop from Brantford, blob top 1 - Hamilton Bros. Galt Ontario 1 - J. J. McLaughlin hygea waters Toronto 1 - York Springs, blob top 1 - Cummer & Sons...
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    New Maple Leaf Bottle Auction

    The newest offering from Maple Leaf Auction started today and is over on May 2nd at 6:00 pm. . There is some really nice items up for auction. Scott runs a good sale and is on line only. Bruce
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    Soda Spectrum, ACL Magazine

    Hello all, acl's are not my interest but a friend showed me this magazine that his son in law edits. Nice little publication and just thought I would pass it along. Bruce
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    Picked up six great bottles in a trade.

    Picked up six great bottles in a trade last night. Up for trade was a bottle I picked up earlier this year and there is a post about it. Pott's Pop Works from Clinton CW. What I received in return was 1. James Walsh,Toronto with a Beaver and Crown trademark. Very nice condition with the...
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    Funny little insulator anybody recognize it.

    Found this little porcelain insulator, or I think it is an insulator. It has threads inside, it shows wear on the top and bottom, perhaps this is from sitting on my desk and others. I don't know if that is a letter on the side or a glaze miss. It stands 2 3/16 x 2 1/8 at the largest diameter...
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    Did it again, more for the hoard.

    Found these two two today at Southworks antiques in Cambridge, ont. the first was a Clark Bros. Toronto blob top for 36$, next is a Charles Wilson Hutch from Toronto with a squirrel as a trade mark 38$. Both are nice bottles with their original stoppers.
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    New to the hoard this week

    New to the hoard this week. From left to right, very nice blue coloured three piece cup mold, J.J. McGlaughlin Toronto in olive green, J.J. McGlaughlin bowling pin Toronto, Imperial Soda water hutch from Hamilton, Clark Bros. Toronto hand finished top, J. Crozier Orangeville blob top, (front)...
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    New Bottle show finds

    On Saturday a new Bottle show was held in Ancaster in conjunction with the Ancaster Nostalgia show. Great show with about 20 bottle dealers. Lots of great stuff to be had. The first bottle I bought was a blob top squat soda, J. Eves 1862 from Toronto. Paid 45.$ The next was a Warner Safe Cure...
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    Bottle show at Ancaster nostalgia show.

    Tomorrow the 12th of October a bottle show and sale will be held at the Ancaster Fair Grounds. It is being held in conjunction with the Ancaster Nostalgia Show. It opens at 10:00 am. There will be as many as 25 tables showing and selling bottles, stoneware, and redware. Please if you are in the...
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    Paris Soda Water Co. Toronto

    Went to Southworks today in Cambridge Ont., and found this soda bottle. Paris Soda Water Co., M. Saltier Prop. Toronto it has the Star of David as it's trade mark. Nice bottle, similar to the trademark of John O'Connor Toronto. Apparently a rare bottle as I have never seen one in over forty...
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    Canadian Whiskey from Perth Ontario

    Same trip as the Montgomery Alabama jug, but this one was found in a Perth Ontario shop, I asked her about bottles and she reached into a cardboard box and pulled out some newspaper with this gem wrapped in it. There are not very many embossed Canadian whiskey flasks so was quite pleased to...
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    I.Brickman, wholesale liquors, Montgomery Alabama

    My wife and myself did a little road trip to Montreal stopping in various small shops along the way. We stopped in Smith Falls at a junk shop and found this whiskey jug from Montgomery Alabama. I did not buy it at the time and went on to Montreal did our little trip and a little research on...
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    Nice Early Pop Bottle

    Nice early pop bottle Pott's Pop Works from Clinton Canada West (pre 1867) found in Junk store.
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    New Torpedo

    Just received the newest bottle in my collection, a Pilgrim Bros. and Co. torpedo bottle from Hamilton Ontario. I bought this at the last MapleLeaf Auction for 100.00$ plus plus. The other new one that I picked up at the last Toronto bottle show in April is a Challand Jenks blob top bowling pin...
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    Maple leaf Auctions

    There is a bottle Auction which ends tomorrow night May 11th 2019. There are some great bottles, pottery, ginger beers, etc. Bruce
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    Soda bottles with Thurston embossing

    Hello all, new to this forum. I am looking for a Hutchinson bottle from Albany NY, with the name Thurston and Blake, and another Hutchinson with W.S.B. Thurston also from Albany NY. With thanks Brewster113

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