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    Remembering Lobeycat @ Redsox Nation

    Re: RE: Remembering Lobeycat @ Redsox Nation 6/1/11. It was my birthday. I'm always a post-season Boston fan now (until the Phillies get that far again).
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    Found an Ink Box

    I love boxes. I pick them up whenever the price is right. I don't buy too many bottles, cuz I can dig my own, but I can't dig boxes!
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    flea market find, not sure of how old?

    Haha!!! I thought the same thing!
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    help with pa.milk

    I asked Ron. He said it's a tougher one. He'd ask $15-$20 for it depending on condition.
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    Two word game

    blown rod
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    Shupps Grove BOTTLE FEST.,Adamstown,PA. Starts this week!

    Glorious weather today! Finally met Apothe-Hutch, so now I will no longer call him APO the Hutch! Also met a nice guy named Brian, who, after talking for 1/2 an hour or so, I find out he knows my parents rather well from his past life with the SIA... had a great Friday and Saturday. [:)][:)]
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    How many hot dogs is this insulator worth?

    For hotdogs? Interestingly, if you smash up any old bottle and throw it in the ocean for 100 years, all the little pieces are worth more than many whole bottles!
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    High Standards?

    My thinking exactly...
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    help with pa.milk

    Ron usually knows local milks - at least which ones are rare. Give him a call.
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    High Standards?

    No idea... Maybe a milk bottle? They were always concerned about high standards? Welcome to the forum! I'm eagerly awaiting other's input....
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    Star Weems bottle art.

    I like it, too!
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    How many hot dogs is this insulator worth?

    Eric.... I know there is a difference in the insulator world - at least when they are rare.... guess how I learned that![8|] At least I was smart enough to look at the broken insulator my digging partner chucked back as broken garbage!
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    Coin In Bottle

    You are finding some cool stuff! I googled and found this:
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    How many hot dogs is this insulator worth?

    [:D] OK - so no need to feel guilty yet. That's good!
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    Digging at the "Rain Forest" dump.

    You know it's not THIS weekend, right? Bummer - see you in November.
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    Help needed to ID bottle

    Welcome! Not super valuable, but all poisons are highly collected and desirable... I was thrilled when I found a double poison bottle! I've been told it's worth about $20, but also been told about $10. I suppose it depends how fast you want to sell it. The ribs on the bottle are so that you...
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    Digging at the "Rain Forest" dump.

    Your crickcreek or mine? (both, probably.) I had to dig myself foot holds, but at the top it got too steep and I was hugging the side of the hill... still not quite sure how I got out of there myself, but I was quite proud of myself and relieved when I made it! If you go there, take a rope...
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    Digging at the "Rain Forest" dump.

    I was really stupid for going down here to explore by myself! Trying to to get out of here by myself was death defying!
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    Digging at the "Rain Forest" dump.

    Which - yours or are you commenting on the one I just posted, which is, also. [8D]
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    How many hot dogs is this insulator worth?

    This is the only other picture I have. I know they made 3 segment & 4 segment. Pat date Oct 15 1872.

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