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    Good Ole' Bottles

    So we're now in January 2018 and my bottles have been there since April 2017. Emails and other communication stopped in August, and there is still no response to phone calls or emails. If these were regular bottles I wouldn't mind so much, but one is a rather expensive English onion. Anybody...
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    Good Ole' Bottles

    I sent a couple of bottles to Cindy for cleaning back around April. Got a couple of updates by email a few months afterwards. Since August I've heard nothing and had no answers to emails and phone calls. Anyone having similar problems? I'd really like my bottles back :) Duncan.
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    Onion Bottles?

    I have a few Dutch onions from Guyana also. Occasionally they do find English bottles. I'd really love to find an early English bottle from Belize - apparently they are quite abundant, but there's restrictions on their export. Attached a picture of the James River English Onion - note the...
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    Onion Bottles?

    Harry - Nice bottle! I especially love English onions - even better if they are the pancake variety. I have a couple more, and one that came out of the James River here in Virginia. Both of my bottles above came from the British coastline. The barnacled one I bought at auction so don't have...
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    Onion Bottles?

    Here's another seawater find. A little rough around the string rim. Debating whether to clean off the barnacles............thoughts?
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    Onion Bottles?

    English from right around 1700. Been in seawater - surface is a bit rough.

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