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  1. J

    wanted : bottles from south carolina

    looking for any bottles from south carolina
  2. J

    Hello from the Ginger Ale Collector- need help contacting a member about a ginger ale

    ​hey , I think I have a colonial with the train on it with just a bit of damage if your interested ? let me know and ill post a picture....that bottle has no town on it , but it is from spartan
  3. J

    lafayette jar with profile

    thanks fruit jars , that's good to know .... I may have her tumbled and see how it turns out......
  4. J

    lafayette jar with profile

    jim , thanks very much for the info.......I have not tried to clean it yet , it has the white-ish stain in it.but it has no damage atleast .......thanks agaiun for the information !
  5. J

    lafayette jar with profile

    hey , I have got a jar here and I'm trying to find any information I can on reads LAYFAYETTE and has a profile of a man on was dug in Charleston sc .....does anyone know anything about it ? .....thanks in advance
  6. J

    South Carolina Bottles

    godschosen1 , milk bottles are cool !!!
  7. J

    crown cap milk

    was wondering if any one has any info on crown cap milk bottles ? .... I got this one from my home town of Greenville sc and am trying to get an age frame for it....I don't know a ton about milk bottles and this is the first crown cap one I have ever owned..... .
  8. J

    Started collecting local straight side Coca-Colas...

    Houdini , what you got so far from s.c. ?

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