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    Speed Kills, Milk Bottle.

    Nope, never seen one like that with a PSA on it. That's a cool store find.
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    The only decent thing I Dug up today

    I don't know, it's killer though!
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    Holy bologna, that's a good one!

    That is NICE! I like that other ink beside it too. You're in a good spot, keep digging!
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    Modern Codd?

    I think you can find modern Codd bottles at any gaming store or Japanese restaurant. My niece loves them. These have a plastic label on them and come in different flavors. BUT the bottom is scored around the heel (I assume to keep them from falling off the assembly line). Your bottle is very...
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    WTB Tennessee Hutch Bottles

    Looking for Tennessee Hutchinson bottles to buy for my collection. I will consider any hutch from Tennessee but I mainly collect West Tennessee Hutchinson style bottles. Memphis, Jackson, Dyersburg, Brownsville, Ripley, Humboldt and Trenton, are missing from my collection. But any Hutch from...
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    Louisiana slug plate bottles wanted

    Ok. It’s on eBay, so if it doesn’t sale i’m not going to relist it. But if someone gives me my starting bid it’s theirs. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t sale.
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    Louisiana slug plate bottles wanted

    Ok. I actually have it on eBay right now if you want to look at it. I have it listed as 99.99 starting bid so I’m pretty sure no one is going to pay that for it. It’s listed in the hutch book as LA0059 and listed as scarce. I thought it was a cool find because the town was so small. If you want...
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    My toughest bottle to clean.

    Gas works too, we used gas to get roofing tar off our hands. Cuts through it like butter. Diesel would be slot safer though, not nearly as combustible.
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    What’s the best product ?

    Hmmm, sounds like a nice bottle soak.
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    River Finds part 2

    Insulators have a ton of error variations. Not quite as many as Ball jars (makes me think they did it on purpose), but look closely you may have a Brookfield error! Not worth a lot but something cool anyway.
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    One picture how many can it appeal to?

    I like them, that dairy bottle would have came home with me for sure. As for the rest...having been collecting "old" bottles from the time I was a kid, I get the keep everything mentality. BUT, at some point you have to thin out your collection and really specialize in a type of region of...
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    Chero-cola bottling map

    That's a cool idea! I see you already have Madison County Tennessee highlighted. I have a Chero Slug plate I pulled out of a creek from Jackson. They also bottled Chero in Gibson County Tennessee in Trenton. I have never seen a Chero from Brownsville (Haywood County) Tennessee, but I have found...
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    Louisiana slug plate bottles wanted

    I have a Kentwood ice and bottling works Hutchinson bottle from Kentwood LA coming in this week. Buddy of mine found it on vacation with his wife at an antique store in Tennessee. I should have it in had this week if you would be interested, I will send pictures.
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    Need Help Identifying Bottle

    I've found them with St. Joseph's embossed on them as well. Around here (Tennessee) they usually had caster oil in them. Still a nice little flask.
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    Finds in a $5 Box of Bottles

    Man, that was a great deal. Those are killer!

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