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  1. K

    My latest finds

    Dont feel bad I busted a hutch being careless and it was one I had been looking for ... for 2 years and what would have been the first whole hutch from my dump
  2. K

    Any ides on what i stumbled upon?

    probably a perfect can in someones attic
  3. K

    found 2 older bottles when swimming this weekend

    go back and dig dig dig
  4. K

    Tractor grill

    Rat Rodsters will pay ya for that...
  5. K

    Found today on the 127 yard sale -Its still out there

    You found an Escambia Pepsi hutch at a yard sale? How much was it...those things are worth big money....
  6. K

    Bud vase? and other dive finds.

    Is that sided panels beer common or rare?
  7. K


    Nice jug and Pepsi!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. K

    some finds from a large roadside dump

    Wish I could find some plates
  9. K

    Wanna see where I'm digging?

    I hope I get to poke around a foundation like that some
  10. K

    GREAT 1950s Dump Finds

    If ya find any steel toy trucks in any condition in that dump please let me know if you're interested in selling or trading.
  11. K

    "First it's a social event,the bottles are just an extra" SUNDAY DIGGIN

    Man oh man..just popped out for a quick what a dig....blessed you are!
  12. K

    New Dump!

    A&P..ahh memories! Great find that bottle!
  13. K

    is there a link to construct a bottle tumbler.

    There is a guy in Cinci named Ed Brater who is a digger, he has a tumbler...he's probably in the phone book..brater brothers painting. or
  14. K


    Never dug a privy but I can see it would be nice because gluebacks would be in dumps not....likely never find each piece.
  15. K

    Coca Cola Embossing Questions

    Have 1968-74 era acl coke bottles and a sprite bottle..sprite bottle is embossed yellowstone national park on bottom, cokes say Pikeville, KY, Boone, IA and Lancaster, OH..suppose anything good there?
  16. K

    The Farm Dump

    I would take it home....
  17. K

    recent discoveries

    Did the church have a privy? Might be ones out back...gotta dig....
  18. K

    $40,000 Barrel for a $1 !!!

    It happens...
  19. K

    burn pile

    Post the relics you find

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