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  1. J

    Old snuff jar?

    It's a snuff alright. Probably a New England glasshouse as best guess. It's probably 1840s or 50s at latest. Could even be 30's. It's a real oldie for sure. Nice bottle and chip is not too bad.
  2. J

    Jug, Blob, Med, Key, etc.

    Glad to help. I've had a few but am really a novice at best on these keys. It's still a great historic small item and it's neat to know a little about it from the markings. You have a fun area to be poking around in. Good luck! Johnny M.
  3. J

    Jug, Blob, Med, Key, etc.

    I would clean up that key. It looks like a railroad lock type and they usually have abbreviations for the railway line it was used on stamped on the head. Some are ridiculously valuable if it's a certain railroad. I could be wrong but it looks like possibly a railroad lock key. Nice find!
  4. J

    Rare Ball Jar

    I never saw one but don't have a red book to look it up either. Crazy find! Great jar. It's gotta be quite rare but others will probably know. Nice to check the forum and see a great jar. Johnny M.
  5. J

    Another thrift recovery

    Trying to post the pic....
  6. J

    Another thrift recovery

    Thrifts occasionally produce. I passed up an aqua unembossed strap side flask today.Small and plain but still bimal. The place has produced from time to time. I have gotten a nice olive green atlas ez seal pint, a cool milk with a cow embossed, a case gin, several wickered demijohns ( those were...
  7. J


    All I know is you just got paid. Even the common ones seem to sell for 10 or 20 bucks apiece with the tops. At least around here they do. The carriers they are in are worth a little too. Nice find!
  8. J


    You came to the right place! Hello from Watertown, CT. :)
  9. J

    What’s going on with eBay?

    I get a kick out of the Ebayers who are selling a beat up milk bottle (no offense to milk collectors) or an ABM Pitchers castoria bottle and in the background they intentionally catch group shots of a window or lighted cabinet shelf with colored figural bitters,flasks or other exotic bottles but...
  10. J

    I got a rock

    Thanks for your opinion professor! :)
  11. J

    marnes mosqito drops

    Yeah. Great box and with bottle too makes it awesome! Please do post a pic of the bottle if you can. You must be driving the bug bottle collectors nuts with this one. I see a 1919 date on the box so it's likely early 20's maybe. It could bring a few bucks if two people or probably more had to...
  12. J

    ID dug 1860s Cathedral Pickle

    The Mccollick is not a Keyhole jar in my opinion. I own 3 varieties of the Mccollick bottles. Large round one and 8 1/2" square one and an open pontiled 4" aqua one with an embossed potted plant! I suspect that one is unique. Found by a contractor in the 1990s and sold on Ebay in an odd...
  13. J

    ID dug 1860s Cathedral Pickle

    I believe that is a Western glasshouse mold. At least thats where this pattern seems to be seen mostly. It's called a Keyhole pattern. They made cylindrical peppersauce or catsup types too. I have seen this one in Olive green from the Gardener collection. I was just a kid when his bottles were...
  14. J

    Taking good Pictures?

    Well just don't forget to look for the dump too! Stuff I'm the walls is fun but so are farm dumps filled with milks and canning jars and everything in between! :)
  15. J

    Taking good Pictures?

    Try laying them at an angle maybe so most or at least some of the embossed letters and some words can be made out. Lots of bottlers here so it's possible we can identify the bottle from just partial embossing. It's a start maybe......I don't know about anybody else but any pictures get my blood...
  16. J

    Nipple pontil....Really??

    Agreed. I just never cease to be amazed at the terminology people use to describe and market bottles with either intent to deceive by some or just through ignorance by others with a smidge of some vague truth not actually founded on sound and thorough research.
  17. J

    Nipple pontil....Really?? not sure if I did this right but this is the Ebay listing
  18. J

    Nipple pontil....Really??

    Another day, another type of pontil. This is the newly categorized pontil style on an Ebay puce colored large ink bottle recently listed. I wish I had a colored cathedral pickle for every type of pontil there is now! :)

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