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    What's up with this color?

    That's a tough one. The UK gets all sorts of colours that rarely show up on this side of the Atlantic so I wouldn't consider the colour suspect in itself, but I've never seen a whiskey in that colour. Though the export bottles didn't necessarily come in the same colours as their domestic...
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    Interesting bottle found in Boston

    Toronto these days, though I've lived in several different cities over the past couple decades.
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    Looking for a B.C. Hutchinson bottle

    Yeah that's not bad at all, $50 for the Meikle is better than you'd be likely to do on Ebay once you factored in shipping. I don't know much about the Morley hutches, they must be pretty desirable if someone bothered to repair the top on one. Oregon hutches I'm not too familiar with, I don't...
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    New soda from local auction

    Wow, that's stunning!
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    Interesting bottle found in Boston

    That's a nice one, I don't know anything about the bottler but I like the pictorial embossing. I've also never seen a bottle that specified that the bottler didn't want it back if it was chipped. Out of curiosity, how much was the rebate? I'm always curious about what the deposit values were...
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    Looking for a B.C. Hutchinson bottle

    They come up on Ebay from time to time, there are enough out there that they aren't too hard to find as long as you're willing to shell out a bit of money for one. If you've got access to any bottle shows out in BC (assuming that's where you are) then you'll be bound to find some there too.
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    New with Curiosities

    Looks like you're right! Apparently these are listed in the poison bottle book as KR-42 (can anyone with the book confirm?) but I suspect what happened was that a design which was originally used for poisonous contents was later reused for all sorts of products once ribbed warnings on poison...
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    1890's Blob Tops, Pictorial Beers, etc. (March 15th 2023)

    That one with the embossed face is incredible! I'm trying to figure out what that's supposed to be a picture of - a person wearing a parka? A lion? A smiling, radiant onion?
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    Makers Mark Identification, Please Help

    I think that R is actually a stylized N. It reminds me of the Nonesuch Records N.
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    M C H Stoneware (probably beer or ginger beer) bottle

    Probably Martin C. Heald of Lynn, MA:
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    Seeking Information on Antique Plates: Minoan Bull-leaping and Poseidon Depictions".

    I definitely don't have too much expertise in this area, apart from having taken a course on Minoan archaeology back in my undergrad (which I've forgotten pretty much everything from). I doubt that souvenir plates would have too much value unfortunately, but I don't really know anything about...
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    Found a ginormous dump

    Those cobalt poisons and the milk are nice finds, looks like you're starting to get into a good age there with those cork top meds in the back too!
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    What are the oldest types of antiques?

    Assuming fossils don't count as antiques, I suppose stone age tools would be the oldest items that could reasonably be considered antiques. Not sure how far back the reasonably affordable examples of those go, and actually I'm not sure how accurate dating could be on stone tools which are...
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    Seeking Information on Antique Plates: Minoan Bull-leaping and Poseidon Depictions".

    Tough to guess the age on a repro like that. It can't be that old since it uses the phrase "Minoan Civilization", which wasn't in use much before the 20th century as far as I know. I'd guess that - assuming they both have that reproduction marking - they're from roughly the mid 20th century...
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    Burlington NC Straight Side Coca Cola

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a paper label on a bottle like this, looks like it was designed to be able to take one. Hard to say if they would have actually always used them though. I can't remember ever seeing a flavour bottle with a paper label, but we don't get many flavour bottles up...
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    Burlington NC Straight Side Coca Cola

    I'm afraid it's not a straight-side Coke, these are called flavour bottles and were used by the local franchise for the beverages other than Coke that they bottled. They existed alongside the hobbleskirts rather than predating them, and they confuse a lot of people who haven't heard of them...
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    Dump finds, medicinal whiskey?

    Yeah it looks like a Prohibition-era whiskey, not a design I remember seeing before.
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    So is this a pontil bottle?

    I agree, I'm not seeing any sign of a pontil, just mineralization.
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    19teens oddball ABM Blob Top Beer Bottle

    Wow that is a weird one. Don't remember seeing an ABM blob beer from North America before. I guess that bottler was particularly attached to lightning stoppers.
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    More info?

    Oh yeah it's not actually a bottle I've seen before, I just found it by searching on Hutchbook.

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