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  1. texkev

    Where did my post go?

    accident, across forums everywhere there has been a rash of old accts being hacked and they are posting spam links. Sorry. I was on a phone trying to clean those up while at the dentist.
  2. texkev

    Budweiser Bottle. $10,000.00 on ebay.

    EBay gets stuff like that here and there, folks just hoping someone will click that buy I now button.
  3. texkev

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  4. texkev

    Anywhere besides ebay?

    here can work well and is free. why not try Etsy can be good depending on what it is and cheap to list. facebook be very careful, I have seen more scams on there than any of the forums I deal with combined over a lifetime. better ro be the seller there than the buyer
  5. texkev

    Finally! After 45 years of digging, a pontiled flask!

    Great finds, long time coming :)
  6. texkev

    Dr Pepper bottles - trade sell buy

    Post Want to Buy ads here other stuff you asked, here:
  7. texkev

    Dr Pepper bottles - trade sell buy

    Nice, I like focusing on certain types as well :) Welcome!
  8. texkev


    So sorry that happened. To clarify, 2 scammers have been reported here over the last year. That scammer only made it under 4 days. The one before that was similar. However, scammers yes are actively hitting most forums, so be careful. We are very careful at moderating the forum's new accounts...
  9. texkev

    Hello from Georgia

    Nice bottles. Welcome!
  10. texkev

    Hi, I'm new.

  11. texkev

    New Member from the Saginaw Michigan area

    Welcome to the group.
  12. texkev

    New member from Maine, Old bottle from "who knows where".

    Welcome, please post questions in the appropriate sections.
  13. texkev

    New from Maryland

    Welcome :)
  14. texkev

    hello from central Alabama

    Welcome :)
  15. texkev

    Comment Censoring

    I only deleted a few posts from someone attacking someone, a couple of other may have been in there due to that bad post being quoted. That was likely it.
  16. texkev

    Can Forum?

    Sorry on the late reply, I do need to reorganize the forum, I will add cans

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