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  1. J

    Unique Embossed 7up

    That’s also a nice amber stubby bottle. do you have a picture of the bottom of the bottle. I’d guess it’s anywhere from 1940-1943 based on all the others I’ve seen from Houston. Do you have any pictures of your other 7up bottles and are you in the market to sell?
  2. J

    Unique Embossed 7up

    Hi Iggy, been a while since I’ve been on the forum. How are you? I know if you haven’t seen it either it’s a good chance that this is another rare bottle that I’ve found. I’m wondering could it have been a bottle for another soda too (like orange Crush since it was an orange crush bottling...
  3. J

    Unique Embossed 7up

    Grace Abound I do like your Shreveport bottle. Do you have many 7up bottles? Mine is a little different with the stretched Teardrop/diamonds around the neck and the lower position and script of the 7up embossed letters as well.
  4. J

    Unique 7 oz 7up bottle.

    For reference I have a bottle with a similar neck style but an ACL label. From Beaver Falls, PA. I do like your embossed bottle with those markings too.
  5. J

    Unique Embossed 7up

    Found this Unique early 7up bottle at a show in Daphne, AL. Odd embossing pattern with what I’m calling a “stretched teardrop” with the 7up logo too. Heal of Bottle Reads: Orange Crush Bottling Co G 5270 Bottom Reads: Gulfport, Miss 1 Contents 7 OZS If anyone has any other...
  6. J

    7up 'White Swimsuit Girl' bottle

    Nice bottle, Iggy. Been a while since I’ve been on. I believe I have the same bottle you have except mine doesn’t have a makers mark. Only thing I believe I see on the bottom is a faint “7“ .
  7. J

    7up 3-1-3 bubble bottle!

    7up lady fan, Your Bakersfield, CA bottle should also have the ingredient Lithium listed instead of Lithia that appears on most swimsuit bottles after 1940. Unsure of the reasoning behind this change for 1948. I have a bottle from New Orleans with same letter styling.
  8. J

    RARE 7up Bottle. Need info.

    Well thanks for taking the mystery out of what it was originally from. Never would have thought of an ashtray. Wish I had the ashtray and straw (mentioned in worthpoint link) to go with it. Seems to so far be a regional advertising piece for at least 2 Wisconsin bottlers. One in Tomah and...
  9. J

    RARE 7up Bottle. Need info.

    This is my latest 7up purchase. I know it’s rare. But I’m not sure exactly what it is? Some kind of sample from a salesman? Or a test? As you can see in pics the bottle is small. It is made of glass. Has a screw top bottom. Has a White filled in swimsuit. Has an early shield style neck logo...
  10. J

    7up & Pepsi....Go Large!

    It's all good Iggy. I like the third pic bottle as well. The 48oz on the left in the second pic would be my next choice. Who am I kidding, I want one of each.
  11. J

    7up & Pepsi....Go Large!

    Wonkapete had some nice larger paper and foam labels back in 2009...
  12. J

    7up & Pepsi....Go Large!

    You outbid me on the 7up bottles, Iggy. Glad you got them though. They are interesting bottles for sure. Didnt know the green one was plastic wrapped. I like the larger bottles. So many of those foam wrapped ones seem to have been destroyed. I recently got one of these 64 oz bottles. The neck...
  13. J

    7up Bottle

    Welcome to the forum Hogwild. I believe they are rare, but not necessarily overly valuable to most collectors. Especially depending on condition. I collect 7up bottles and have only seen a handful of them for sale online. Ive been collecting for 3 years now and just acquired one of the...
  14. J

    7up White Swimsuit bottle found

    It seems that both of these bottles were produced in Norwalk and Columbus Ohio. If you're in Michigan you are much closer to the source. My white swimsuit bottle came from Florence, Kentucky, so it hadnt traveled far from Columbus, Ohio. Who knows you might run across one in your area too.
  15. J

    7up White Swimsuit bottle found

    Thanks. Im all for others finding more of the orange and white swimsuit bottles. They are rare for sure. If I had time Id go to Ohio. specifically Norwalk and Columbus area since thats where they were made.
  16. J

    7up White Swimsuit bottle found

    Leon. Most of the 7up swimsuit bottles do not have painted swimsuits. These appear to have only been produced by the Downey-Joyce company and probably only a very limited run. I believe we know of 5 of the white swimsuit bottles and only one of the orange swimsuits. Below is a link to a...
  17. J

    7up White Swimsuit bottle found

    Greetings all. I have located another White Swimsuit 7up bottle from Joyce Products. Not only located but purchased it off eBay. It goes well with my orange Swimsuit girl bottle. Most of these pictures have been taken with camera flash on. The ACL is very grayed out but displays nicely.
  18. J

    7up finds

    Nice Finds Iggyworf! I think the Kielys bottles are from the 60s. Shield style logo used after 1952. Never seen anything with "Satisfies Thirst" on it before. Neat crate I need some of those foil labels to add top my collection.
  19. J

    7up- 1953-1986 Canada

    No Kidding. The shipping rates are atrocious! I paid 17.95 for shipping a large 1.5 liter bottle and the poor sap needed up paying $25 to ship it to me. I paid slightly over that total.

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