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  1. M.C.Glass

    What’s going on with eBay?

    Since there was a truly rare NDNR Mountain Dew 1pint bottle offered for $400, people are asking hundreds for the common 10 oz version. On FB Marketplace, (not the same caliber) there is someone asking $5000 for a few 2001 retro style Faygo bottles. I told her, they say 1907 on them, but they...
  2. M.C.Glass

    What’s going on with eBay?

    It seems like flea bay is filled with speculators and not bottle sellers. Common bottles are listed for ten times their possible value because of one similar rarity listed. Shipping is off the charts too. Kind of takes the fun out of browsing.
  3. M.C.Glass

    East TN Soda Bottles What?

    Well, what can you say about the Pepsi and RC bottles? They are souvenir schedule bottles from UT and ETSU from 1975. I’ve seen many more of the Pepsis from different universities. They were designed to be saved and they have no significant value I’m aware of. The Tri City is a flavored soda...
  4. M.C.Glass

    Facebook Braggers Be Like...

    I remember when I first got interested in bottles. It wasn't that long ago. When a "ghost sign" of Faygo Orange Pop was uncovered on a building in Detroit, I became fascinated with the old design of something so familiar, that I had never seen before. I searched eBay until I was able to acquire...
  5. M.C.Glass

    Anywhere besides ebay?

    They’re arm-extended over your head in debt. They are going after everything and everyone. The IRS has hired hundreds of new agents/auditors.
  6. M.C.Glass

    30oz Canadian Crush for Christmas!

    That’s awesome. The ad shows the backwards “u”, like the bottle. Why pretend, right?
  7. M.C.Glass

    Ginger beer

    Saw this one on eBay. Wolverine Bottling must’ve sold over to Atlas?
  8. M.C.Glass

    Rare Vernor’s Paper Label

    Just curious, was that an antique shop find, or did someone contact you or ? I want to feel like I have some hope.
  9. M.C.Glass

    Ginger beer

    Love that label on the Belle Isle G.A. I’ve seen those Bulldog Ginger Beer and Cock n Bull bottles. Never realized they were Wolverine Bottling products. The only Ginger Beer I have, made by Faygo
  10. M.C.Glass

    Ginger beer

    There was no bottler on Belle Isle in Detroit. It‘s a city park. Info I have on Wolverine Bottling from 1920 -1930 shows their address as 923 Livingston Ave. That street is gone now. As I recall, it was a company started during prohibition to have legal sales of drinks. I bet I read that in this...
  11. M.C.Glass

    COCA COLA BOTTLE "CAP" - (Help w/ID-Date)

    That cap looks a little more modern than 1905-1910. Maybe mid 1950s. Just my opinion.
  12. M.C.Glass

    Five for Friday!

    Dust, dirt, rodent droppings, isn’t that against the pure Food and Drug act of 1906? :D
  13. M.C.Glass

    Five for Friday!

    I was just wondering, are these cans open from the bottom, or are they full? I can’t see why someone would have thought back then to open it from the bottom and save the cans. I never knew about Lift by Vernor’s. It was *just* before my time.
  14. M.C.Glass

    Vernor’s first ACL

    Because of Vernor’s long history, I’ve never been very interested in their ACLs. They stuck with the same design for decades. This is an interesting one.
  15. M.C.Glass

    1968 Mountain Dew Ya-hoo! / Hillbilly Canadian Bottle

    You forgot leave. That’s what I say.
  16. M.C.Glass

    Does anyone know what this quart bottle is?

    Her profile says she popped in on Aug 10.
  17. M.C.Glass

    Info on a couple of bottles from Opp Al and Pensacola

    My bet is they both contained generic orange sodas. I never heard of Opp, AL. I thought it was an abbreviation.
  18. M.C.Glass

    Latest find, "Hi-Top" ACL

    Just saw this cap online. It says Chisholm Bottling, 1950s from Minnesota.
  19. M.C.Glass

    Coke bottle age?

    I believe the dates on that type of bottle are marked vertically on the side of the bottle, in the narrow portion near the bottom. A paper label bottle, possibly as new as the nineties judging from that bottom.
  20. M.C.Glass

    Unusual 7up Back

    I found the link to the 7up article. Thanks, Bill Lockhart. Cecil Munsey did not create this one -

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