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    Yeah there is a mummified Mouse in the Bottom of one of these. I thought it was a blob of Oil and kept soaking it and putting dish detergent in there and blowing water. Then I got all the oil off of it I gagged. Haven't been able to bring myself to get a stick and get it out. Put it in the...
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    OK I only cleaned one up they are all the same or have nothing on them at all (that I have found yet) There is NO Oil Company name that I can find. Still have more to clean.
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    I'll go down there tomorrow and pull them out. :)
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    Came across these while cleaning the barn. Can anyone tell me @ age, and what they are worth? How can I clean them? I haven't pulled them out of their hole yet as I haven't had time to really do it.
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    More soda bottles found on the Farm

    Any Information welcome
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    East TN Soda Bottles What?

    Found these bottles around our Farm. Mostly in the old basement and the smoke house. Any Information on them will be helpful. Specially the ones for ESTU and TN Vols.
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    Historical Maps

    In TN they have an historical property viewer on line will show you where old houses etc are located. Found out that we had a Lime Kilm on our property in the 20's. Didn't find anything of interest there but it is neet to know.
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    Taking good Pictures?

    I'll try and get some better pictures I posted the ones I took that didn't do well. It says Allenrhu Reg. Trade mark for Rheumatic Aches and Pains Alle-Rhume Remedy Co. Inc Rochester, N.Y. U.S.A. I did see one on here but It didn't say the same thing. I can faintly make out what...
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    Taking good Pictures?

    I can trace the deed back to 1912, When it was sectioned off from the family farm. We were told and the house was built in 1912. After we gutted it I believe there was an origional older home that was added on to in 1912. I have beed amazed by what we are fiding in this place. Found a rolled up...
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    Taking good Pictures?

    I am new to here and New to this Bottle thing. We are fixing up an old farm house and I am finding Bottles galore In the crawlspace, in the walls, in the Barn, CornCrib and Smoke house. Not to mention just laying around. These people didn't throw anything away, at least not off the Farm...
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    Merry Christmas

    Thanks for accepting me to the group and Ya'll Have a very merry Christmas and Bottle hunting New Year
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    Lids and corks? Remove or not to remove

    When finding a bottle with a cork or a lid is it better to remove them and clean the bottle or leave them? Also Any tips on cleaning Zinc lids?

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