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  1. Milihfra

    Hagerstown Brewing Co. Bottles

    Hello all, Here are three variations of Hagerstown Brewing Co. Beer bottles I have. I know there are other variations out there so I figured I would start this thread to see what all is out there. Looking forward to seeing other's collections! Frank
  2. Milihfra

    Sunsweet Thursday

    Hello All, I wanted to share the latest additions to my collection, Nichol Sunsweet and Sunsweet Fruit Ade. Both products of the HR Nicholson Co. I hope you all like them as much as I do, I could not be happier with having added these.
  3. Milihfra

    WTB: Product of HR Nicholson bottles

    Thank you very much, I appreciate the help. I will reach out!
  4. Milihfra

    Free state Lager

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Milihfra

    Free state Lager

    Thank you and I certainly will keep my eye out! This one I got had actually been sitting in a local shop for years but the seller was asking wayyyyyy too much until just recently. But yes, I have the black and yellow supreme labeled bottled but as you said the ad has the couple drinking the...
  6. Milihfra

    Free state Lager

    Hello all, Just scored this paper label Free State Lager Beer bottle for the bottle display I have. Previously, I was using another Free State bottle I have but this one matches the advertisement. Hope you all like it!
  7. Milihfra

    WTB: Product of HR Nicholson bottles

    Hello all, I am looking for a bottle like this pictured below, can be from any city. I know others are looking for Nichol Kola so if you have those, talk to them over me for now. However, if you have anything similar to this, please don't hesitate to drop me a line! Thanks for the help, Frank
  8. Milihfra

    Tru Root from 1958

    Thank you! Yes, in general, I have not seen many.
  9. Milihfra

    Tru Root from 1958

    Hello all, I wanted to share with you all the cleanest bottles I have ever seen. Except for a tiny flaw on the cap, this Tru Root bottle from 1958 looks like it was never exposed to anything. Tru Root was one of H.R Nicholson's many creations (including Ver-Vac, Nichol Kola, Apple Nick...
  10. Milihfra

    New from Maryland

    Hello all, Joined this forum after overlooking it for an unfortunately long time. I have been collecting bottles off and on for a few years starting with Coke, RC, Pepsi: Cola, etc. but I now want to focus on local product bottles or other things that strike my fancy. As of now, I am looking...

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