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  1. Toma777

    Ghost plant

    Never saw anything like it while doing forestry in the Pacific Northwest back in the 1980s.
  2. Toma777

    Antique sponge drain

    Nice find. I had a girlfriend that liked the old natural sponges that we used in the bathtub. They were always big and odd shaped. That holder would have been perfect for them.
  3. Toma777

    I have to share a shot-

    Is that a ceiling fan in the reflection? That is a cool pic. To be really arty it needs some liquid coming out of it.;)
  4. Toma777

    How can I improve?

    The bay window really helps. ;)
  5. Toma777

    WTB/WTT Schuylkill County Pennsylvania bottles

    Cool.:) I've been collecting patent medicine bottles from my 2nd great uncle/step 2nd great grandfather for a few years now. I have a couple showing up in the mail is a few days. It's like a treasure hunt for family heirlooms. Someone's selling a tintype of my 2nd great grandfather on eBay...
  6. Toma777

    How can I improve?

    When it comes to displays, mirrors help a lot, and they add spaciousness to a room. I added mirrors into my glass display cabinets, and it really helped lighten things up, and gives a 360 degree view of the items inside the cabinets. A lot of my bottles are in oak books shelves (without...
  7. Toma777


    I just remembered the movie, but I think it took place in France. It's called The Song Of Bernadette, and the little girl digs in the dirt, and a spring appears there later, like magic. I just found a link:
  8. Toma777


    Make mine rum and coke. ;)
  9. Toma777

    Original outhouse.

    I have some old-timer friends here in rural Oregon that still use outhouses. They re-dig the pits, and move the outhouses over the new pits. I don't know how they live without ever bathing, yuck. A lot of them are passing away now. I loved hearing the old stories of going to town in an old buck...
  10. Toma777


    There was an old movie about some little girl finding a spring with healing powers. I wonder if it's the same spring? Now I will be bugged trying to remember that old movie, lol. I went to college in Italy, the University of Siena. Beautiful country.
  11. Toma777


    I passed up a free plastic crate filled with old coke bottles this weekend at a parking lot sale. I was tempted to take it home for the Five for Friday thread, but I never liked coke, I was into Dr. Pepper as a child. My best friend's family used to bring cases of it from Texas to California...
  12. Toma777

    Gin Bottle with Asterisk on bottom

    "One additional mold related feature essentially unique to European-made case gin bottles is a vertically corrugated texture to the body sides." "These are sometimes referred to by collectors as "shingle mold gins" due to the resemblance of the glass surface texture with that of wooden...
  13. Toma777

    Clear glass polygon 12 sided jar

    This pickle jar is the closest thing I can see:
  14. Toma777

    Looking for info PRISON embossed bottle

    The only thing that comes up for a "PRISON embossed" search is: Beeswax Candle: PRISON Vintage British Bottle by freshpastrystand
  15. Toma777

    Gin Bottle with Asterisk on bottom

    Here we go: "However, some case gin type bottles were made in the U.S. during the time span of popularity for this bottle type from at least the early 19th century (McKearin & Wilson 1978)." Link: So there's still a possibility my case...
  16. Toma777

    Gin Bottle with Asterisk on bottom

    From my reading it sounds like they were mass produced mostly in what is now Belgium. I am finding other case gin bottles with stars and x's with dots around them. There's probably a meaning to the amount of dots around the stars, but I have yet to find anything.
  17. Toma777

    Gin Bottle with Asterisk on bottom

    Thanks, that helps solve part of that mystery. Now I have to find Holland bottle marks.
  18. Toma777

    Gin Bottle with Asterisk on bottom

    I asked my mother about where she thinks they bought the gin bottle, and she couldn't remember, so it's someplace between Santa Barbara, CA and Portland, OR, where they did their antique shopping. The San Francisco Glass Works bottles in Panama and Hawaii make sense, because shipping to and...
  19. Toma777

    Gin Bottle with Asterisk on bottom

    I'm starting to think this bottle is pretty rare.

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