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    I need an opinion on this one

    maybe an early Pfizer bottle or some other chem company.
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    I need an opinion on this one

    The patent is for the eye dropper/bottle design
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    I need an opinion on this one

    I think I remember seeing one used by Fischer Scientific for a chemical stain. it had a dropper as the patent indicates.
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    I need an opinion on this one
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    Tumbling bottle with crack

    the only thing that you can predict for certain about cracks in glass is that they never get smaller.
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    Wanted: Lindsey's Blood Searcher

    There are a lot of different versions made over many years so the values vary widely. The common ones may go for $40-50 with the high end rare ones being about $3000, many in between, take your pick. Last one I bought was at Adamstown PA. A nice early aqua Pittsburgh one for $75
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    J. Winer's Chamomile Pills Pontil Canada

    I think J Winer products were also produced in New York and New Orleans. They may have originated in Canadia
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    Color opinion

    first one is typical aquamarine. The Ball jars are what they call Ball Blue but still aqua in my mind.
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    im not asking for help in id...but WTF???

    They were made thick because they were pressurized and because they were reused (banged around a lot in cleaning)
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    Some stuff on ebay..

    no medicines ? :)
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    Member's beware

    Just to be clear , this is a free open forum with over 8000 members. So saying someone is a "member" basically only means they have a beating heart and a computer of some sort. Its no criteria for judging anyone.
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    Real or Repro?

    yea, it seems like every food processing plant worker in Georgia/florida takes a bag of bottles to work each day to irradiate. Real scumbags. They must think they are so clever ripping people off.
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    Help with what ive got?

    Chas. H Fletchers
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    Real or Repro?

    they never reproduced anything like that.
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    Cynthia B. Stevens Sovereign Remedy

    She is listed in the 1890 Manchester dir as a physician at that address. It appears she was born around 1856. Maybe she used a very old bottle?? Odd.
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    Cynthia B. Stevens Sovereign Remedy

    looks like a lemon syrup bottle or sauce.
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    Heckler Auctions

    sounds like you already decided they aren't the auction house for you.
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    Washington Redskins new name

    don't blame it on DC, they don't even get real representatives. Blame it on all the states who sent the wackos to DC.
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    botle italy ebay

    If you fill it with roman imperial denarii it would be a good deal :)

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