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    My First Pontil Soda

    The Rye bottle is the first 4X I've seen.
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    My First Pontil Soda

    I wouldn't count out the filter idea, I've never seen a definite answer to the x question.
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    My First Pontil Soda

    The x's on the bottles are for the type of porter (beer) they contained, double or triple X porters. I have several XXX porters and a R.C. & T with BROWN STOUT on the back. It has an iron pontil base.
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    Henry's Finest Hour label only bottle c1950 or later. Screw top.

    Found this laying in the bushes near my 1910 house. Letters are backwards, there is a face on the label presumably of Henry. Will try to take photo.
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    Please consider contributing photos to the Hutch Book and other online resources

    Quick search for that auction failed. Is that a Great Western auction number? I would think it could be either whiskey or medicine, I would lean toward whiskey.
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    Please consider contributing photos to the Hutch Book and other online resources

    Have sent several bottle photos to of bottles with unique attributes. It is by far the best site for bottle identification and information on bottle blowing.
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    Please consider contributing photos to the Hutch Book and other online resources

    Not familiar with upload protocol, here is a bottle I dug in Richmond VA back in the seventies. It is listed in Digger Odell's Pontil Medicine Encyclopedia. I have never seen another one. It has a corner crack, the glass in the corner is really thin. Not sure where to send this photo. Photo in...
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    Hamm's mustard

    Good research on this bottle!
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    Hamm's mustard

    A Interesting! Makes sense. I recognize the green barrel third from left, I had one, and the far right bottle is the one I was referring to.
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    Hamm's mustard

    I had a bottle like this, embossed lettering in French, it had a glass tip pontil mark. I would assume it is European made bottle, I dug it in a 1880 dump. European bottle makers seem to have used pontils later than American bottle makers. Check the Historic Bottle Website, it has quite a bit of...
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    Anywhere besides ebay?

    If people are actually selling marginal bottles for the price they list them, then it would be well worth selling there.
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    Tumbling Before and After photos

    I have cleaned many bottles with a Jar Doctor tumbler. Works great! The amount of time you tumble is important, as well as the type of abrasive.
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    Glass egg- Most unusual find

    Interesting! I found one of these glass eggs many years ago in King and Queen County VA, and knew what they were used for, but I didn't know about the snake part. Since most snakes have unhinged jaws and inward curved teeth, I guess the loose jaw makes regurgitation possible.

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