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    Dug a Slug plate Pepsi

    Mine is not a slug plate Pepsi like yours. But it is old and was dug by me in St. Augustine in a dump along the coastal waterway in about 1965.
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    Help with finding a bottle tumbler

    I appreciate the images you sent but it doesn't help me identify a ready made tumbler that I can find on Amazon or wherever.
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    Help with finding a bottle tumbler

    Hello - I've been a member here since 2015. I'm in my 80's with a collection of bottles I've dug or found since the 1960's. I want to purchase a reasonably priced bottle tumbler before I attempt to sell off my collection. Can somebody make a recommendation please? Thanks.
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    Help finding a tumbler machine

    I've been a member here for a few years. My family has persuaded me to rid the garage of dozens of boxes full of bottles I've dug here and there since the 1960's. Many from St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston. I need to buy a tumbling machine and supplies to clean them up in...
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    Hunyadi Janos mineral water

    I have some I found but this is the one I have on my display shelf... I suspect I traded for it some 50 years ago.
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    Question about digging a privy

    Some 50 years ago I was digging behind an abandoned house near downtown Charleston. Dug in the corner where I assumed the privy was and found lots of good stuff. When it was empty, I started by removing some of the bricks to the side thinking the next house over might have had a privy there...
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    Cleaning out a shelf of stuff - should I throw these out?

    My days on the planet are numbered. One day yours will be too. Which means what will happen to these bottles when our survivors have to clean out the garage/basement etc.? If you have room, put them is a box with a note to whomever what to do with them. If you don't have room or a desire to...
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    "FLORIDA WATER" bottle collection liquidation announcement

    Your computer is probably automatically creating the file as a .docx file. You can override this with a "save as" command where you will find a "doc" option. Try this and it may upload OK.
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    Digging in the dump of an old farmhouse

    If you're interested in dating bottles you fine, know that the color of the one on the left is sun colored amythist. My understanding is the glass included magnesium to make it clear. It became scarce during WW1. It caused glass makes to find another way to turn glass clear. So sun colored...
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    St. Patrick’s Day Sodas

    I don't have any truly "Irish" green bottles, but perhaps the closest is this Charles Gulden jar. I dug it in St. Augustine, maybe in 1970.
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    need your advice

    Some 50 years ago I visited Charleston, SC looking for bottles. In the old part of town there were some abandoned houses, some torn down, some simply vacant and decaying. I went to the back yards and started digging and probing in the back yard corners. I found mostly privies and brought home...
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    Searching an old gas station/country store and its privy.

    I agree with all said above except avoiding the privy. When finding an old homestead in the woods, I always look for the privy. After many years the organic deposits are long gone and I've found coins and bottles in them, some probably by accident, or bottles to rid the depositor of evidence...
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    Went shopping on Black Friday and found two very old, yet surprisingly inexpensive bottles. Need help with narrowing down their date range

    It made me think of a mineral water bottle from the late 1800's. The letter K sort of conforms to this one I found years ago.
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    First Pepsi bottle find

    Keep looking.... just for grins, this is one I found in a dump in St. Augustine, FL in the 1960's.
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    What’s your favorite beer bottle surface find?

    This was a surface find some 50 years ago, in an area that had been phosphate mined in the late 1800s in north central Florida. This bottle, along with whiskey bottles, early Cokes, Chero Colas, medicine bottles of every description just lying around. There's no embossing on it so I'm not sure...
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    What Happens to You’re Collection When You Die?

    I started digging and collecting bottles some 60 years ago. Over the years I've moved and various ordinary ones have been trashed and some not so ordinary given to my daughter to display on her back porch. I still have several boxes in the garage that i need to deal with. Some are on display in...
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    Baltimore Bottle show treats !!!!!

    Love your pics! I dug a 9.5 inch Warner's some 50 years ago in Savannah, GA and an Ayers with a similar pontil I dug in Newnansville, FL around the same time. Newnansville no longer exists. It was the original county seat for Alachua County but when the railroad was built in the 1860's from...
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    Bottle finds while brick hunting

    Many years ago while digging for bottles in Charleston, at an old vacant house, I came across a brick lined privy from which I took a number of bottles. When I got to the bottom, I removed bricks, never thinking they might have a collectible value. On the outside of the privy, I found this...
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    Ridged jar

    My first reaction was it contained something either toxic or spicy. The ribs create a tactile impression designed to caution whomever is holding it. Other than that, I have no clue.
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    Beginner finding more bottles than info: are these catsup bottles?

    Mikez - did I get your name right? My guess it the ones with flat sides are ketchup or catsup, depending on where you live. None of them look very old to me. Maybe the 40's or the 50's. Certainly the broken Pepsi bottle is no more than 50 years old which suggests the others got buried at the...

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