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    So this is were all the "Hardcore" diggers are !!!

    This is not the first time I've heard this. One of my partners tells me a horror story of this from Time to time just to remind me. His was covered with a thin sheet of tin and had 3 foot of dirt on it. Luckily no one got hurt in either of these cases.
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    Soda or Beer blob?

    That makers mark is rather uncommon. Nice looking bottle even though it is unembossed.
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    ALL Members & Administrators Contribute Please.

    I have dug them before and boy was I excited. I think they are spectacular looking bottles and are unfortunately common in that color. Aside from that, they are rather old, very pretty and I only hope I can dig more of these, as they are an exciting find.
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    I'm giving another one away

    im in!!! this sounds fun
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    New member from northern Michigan

    good idea to start out with. I made my first probes out of regular steel, then car springs, now i just buy the from a well known probe maker in california. I live in the bay city/ saginaw area and im willing to show you the ropes if you would be willing to drive over here. I have a good number...
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    Today's Crier. Hops & Malt Bitters.

    generally, in that color, they sell for about $150.00. their are a couple color variants and also a mini version.
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    What is this bottle and what is it worth?

    you got a good deal at .50it actually has a touch of history behind it and was only around for a couple years. Unforunately the only people who collect things from Saginaw, like myself, already have a couple laying around. The company wasnt around till after 1900 so collectibility is minimal. I...
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    Detroit bottle show November 9th.

    Re: RE: Detroit bottle show November 9th. I was set up at the show. Seen Leon (hemi hampton) there. It was a SLOW day and seemed to be a low turnout. Not sure what the deal was. I think I only spent around $50.00 bucks on bottles. Slim pickins for sure.
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    The Weather Flag Druggist?

    Never seen that one before Leon. Cool little druggist.nic
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    New Michigan beer

    The Flint show is in February or March I believe. I will be set up at that one as well.
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    New Michigan beer

    very cool. I work in Frankenmuth and live in Munger (close to Bay City). If you are going to the Detroit show I will be set up there. A few of my Michigan bottles will be for sale. Just look for the guy in the picture if you go. Thats me.[attachment=1454677_1020072048..406_253654366_n.jpg]
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    Two word game

    dealt with[attachment=SignDealtWith.jpg]
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    New Michigan beer

    Very nice to see another Michigan guy around. Im a Michigan beer collector myself.Where are you from?I attached a photo of a few of mine for you.[attachment=securedownload (2).jpg]
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    Re: D SACH AND SONS DISTILLARY LOUISVILLE sorry for the bad photos. If needed I will take more. Couple of small chips but great aside from those.
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    Re: D SACH AND SONS DISTILLARY LOUISVILLE [attachment=securedownload (1).jpg]*
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    Found this bottle today. A[attachment=securedownload.jpg] bout the size of a mineral water. Any idea on value or rarity?
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    Weirdest Privy Dig Ever

    I can only imagine seeing a privy digger at one of our house fires or trainings lol. I dont think I would get much done. We are still allowed to stage simulated house fires. The citizens of our county are not allowed to burn ANY type of building materials but we can 1 time per year for the...
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    Slam Probing

    It is exactly the same idea as a slide hammer for bearings/ seals.Hammer drills work great but an 18v dewalt with a 2' long concrete bit really kills the batteries. Plus if you dont have the drill, batteries, and bit already, you are looking at a minimum $200 dollar investment, and it must be a...
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    Slam Probing

    by the way......The pipe works best if its about 24-30" long
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    Slam Probing

    slam probes are tough to build.....The basic design is a 2" steel pipe that fits around a 1/2" X 5' piece of steel round stock and sliding the handle up and down pounds the probe in.....and out. you need the pounding out motion because one you blast this thing 2 foot into the ground you will not...

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