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  1. debodun

    Dead Stuck

    Some sort of pesticide, I assume. One of my mom's favorites - it depicts a bug in high relief getting speared through. The bottom has an X-shaped mark.
  2. debodun

    Two Insulators

    I only have 2, probably pretty common ones.
  3. debodun

    Major's Cement

    I assume was an adhesive. Bottle is 1.5 inches tall. Don't know much about the company. Says 5 CTS on back.
  4. debodun


    Some of the other stoneware I had but sold before moving.
  5. debodun


    My uncle entered it in a contest at a county fair and won a prize. It has a wooden stopper in it. My mom had "loaned" it to him with the stipulation it be returned to her when he passed. I am now in possession.
  6. debodun


    Anyone want to see MY jugs?
  7. debodun

    Glass Globe Jar

    It's 5.25 inches tall. probably from the 1970s. I have a vague memory of its somehow being related to a coffee brand like Nescafe. I saw one on Poshmark, but the seller didn't provide any info other than the size. It has a T in an inverted triangle on the bottom. but the jar is too modern to be...
  8. debodun

    Another Perfume

    This one has a cork top and is about 3 inches tall. It may have had a paper label at one time - there is a shield-shaped raised area on one side. Bottom reveals much thicker glass on one side than the other.
  9. debodun

    Small Perfume

    Relatively modern with its screw top. Dimension in photo. Has what looks like a G in a circle on the bottom, maybe Gayner Glass Co.?
  10. debodun

    Small aqua bottles

    I assume these octagonals are poison. Dimensions in photo.
  11. debodun

    Glyco-Thymoline Bottle Etched With Date

    It says 12-28-15, Xmas, Happy New Year
  12. debodun

    Nice 12 Sided Carbona Bottle

    Yep, I have one also. They are fairly common, judging by the seen online. Mine must have had a paper label, it only says "CARBONA" on the bottom, but it is 14-sided.
  13. debodun

    Unmarked Hexagonal Amber Bottle

    It is vertically ribbed on 3 sides and plain on the other 3. Dimension in photo. Any idea what this contained?
  14. debodun

    Hagan's Magnolia Balm

    Small bottle, 2.5 inches tall. Unfortunately is chipped on the upper rim.
  15. debodun

    Repros I rescued from my aunt's estate

    My aunt was an accomplished artist. I did her estate when she passed about 10 years ago. Her home was filled with small knickknacks and trinkets which I believe she collected with the idea of using them in still life paintings. I saved these from the "dreaded dumpster".
  16. debodun

    Repro Washington Ink Bottle

    $7 - $10 selling price for similar ones on eBay.
  17. debodun

    Repro Washington Ink Bottle

    Wheaton, like so many repros.
  18. debodun

    Hinds Honey and Almond cream

    I have a small vial from the same company. It's 2.5" long with a cork top and a paper label.

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